Working Together

Streetscape Ribbon Cutting What a diverse group of local partners began to envision eleven years ago has reinvigorated a small town through progress and relationships.   The Streetscape project has provided Cass Lake's downtown with new sidewalks and beautifying amenities along Second Street framed by the historic US Forest Service building at one end to Central Avenue at the other. The log Forest Headquarters building, constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1935, was originally built “outside of town” and is now an integral part of the Cass Lake community.

The amenities are both visible and invisible. Streetlamps with historic character line and brighten the path towards downtown, offering smooth new sidewalks, rest benches, planters, trees and angle parking. Hidden beneath the asphalt roadway are upgraded sewer and water lines. Decorating the surface near city hall is a brickwork eagle, an Anishinabe and U.S. symbol appropriate for the city “where eagles soar”. City welcome signs greet visitors to the national forest and community at the intersection of two major highways.

The continued commitment and dedication of a number of individuals, government agencies and local design firms made the project a reality. That is working together!