About the Forest

Hillsides covered with low bushes.

The Cleveland National Forest is the southern-most National Forest in California. Consisting of 460,000 acres, the forest offers a wide variety of terrains and recreational opportunities.

Until the arrival in San Diego of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the lands now within the Cleveland National Forest were known only to the desert and coastal Indian tribes who used them. The Kumeyaay, Luiseños, Cahuilla and Cupeño found a good living on the abundant acorns and game. Many of our trails today follow those routes first used by these early dwellers.


History of the Cleveland National Forest

[Photo]: El Prado cabin

Built in 1911, El Prado Cabin was the first Ranger's cabin on the Cleveland National Forest .


Penny Pines Program

[Photo]: Penny Pines Trailhead

Penny Pines provides a helping hand for lands that have lost their trees due to fire, disease or insect infestation. It is a conservation program in which everyone can participate.

Interesting facts about the Cleveland National Forest

  • Highest point of land on the Trabuco Ranger District?
  • Number of endangered plant and animal species found on the Forest?