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The Forest Service has something for everyone on the world wide web! Many new sites are under development and others continue to be populated with more photos, publications, and information. Most of the sites listed below also contain links to other interesting web sites.


Various studies have shown that more than half of the American public enjoys observing, studying, or photographing the vast varieties of fish, wildflowers, wildlife, and scenery. This trend is predicted to more than double by the year 2040.

In 1986, the President's Commission on Americas Outdoors identified wildlife-associated recreation as one of the nation's most popular outdoor activities. The commission recommended that protection and enhancement of recreational opportunities on Federal lands and water, long-term conservation measures of our natural resources, and quality recreational opportunities and experience would be a priority. Educators were encouraged to integrate environmental education into basic school curriculums, and Federal resource agencies to play a role in providing viewing opportunities for people to experience our nation's great outdoors. Visit NatureWatch HERE

Celebrating Wildflowers

Celebrating Wildflowers is dedicated to the enjoyment of the thousands of wildflowers growing on our national forests and grasslands, and to educating the public about the many values of native plants. You can select a Forest Service Region on a map to display Celebrating Wildflower events, wildflower viewing areas, and wildflower photographs. You may also search for Celebrating Wildflower activities. Click HERE to visit Celebrating Wildflowers.

Research Natural Areas

Research Natural Areas (RNAs) are areas that the Forest Service has designated to be permanently protected and maintained in natural condition. These protected natural areas include unique ecosystems or ecological features; rare or sensitive species of plants and animals and their habitat; and/or high-quality examples of widespread ecosystems. A Research Natural Areas website has been developed by the Northern Research Station, contains information on RNAs in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Wisconsin. Visit this interesting site right HERE!

Animal Inn

Animal Inn is an environmental education program designed to inform children and adults about the importance of dead and dying trees located in the forests, parks, and even in their own yards! Dead and dying trees support a wide variety of animals and plants. Click HERE to learn more.

State and Private Forestry

The State and Private Forestry (S&PF) organization of the USDA Forest Service reaches across the boundaries of National Forests to States, Tribes, communities and non-industrial private landowners. S&PF is the federal leader in providing technical and financial assistance to landowners and resource managers to help sustain the Nation's forests and protect communities and the environment from wildland fires. Visit their Northeast Area (includes Wisconsin) website HERE.

Grey Towers National HIstoric Site

Grey Towers was the home of Gifford Pinchot, first Chief of the US Forest Service and Pennsylvania Governor for two terms. Grey Towers was completed in 1886 by Gifford's father, James Pinchot, a wealthy wallpaper merchant from New York City. Civic minded and a supporter of the arts, James and his wife, Mary, connected themselves with many influential people, among them Richard Morris Hunt, a leading architect of the era. Hunt designed their summer home to utilize both local materials and reflect the French heritage of the Pinchot family, who first settled in Milford in 1818. For two decades the Pinchots and their children enjoyed numerous summers at Grey Towers, entertaining guests for afternoon teas and dinner parties. Here James, disturbed by destructive logging practices then prevalent in the country, encouraged his eldest son, Gifford Pinchot, to consider a career in forestry. Learn more at their web site.