Forest Products Permits

  • Firewood

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    A firewood permit is required to cut, gather, and transport firewood.

  • Mushroom Harvesting

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    The permitting process for these special forest products is unique to each district so you will need to choose the Ranger District you would like to visit and contact them directly for permitting information.

  • Native Plants

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    Under this free use program, there is a limit of 16 plants of which 4 can be trees.

  • Christmas Tree Permits

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    Purchase your Christmas tree permit in advance of your visit to the forest in your area. Use this site to purchase your permit, follow tips and guidelines for the cutting area, and ensure you are prepared for a safe and fun forest adventure.

Best Management/Harvest Practices

Please follow these practices to protect native plants and mushroom populations and minimize negative impacts to the ecosystems in your National Forest.

Other Special Forest Products (SFPs)

These include, but are not limited to:  Cones, boughs, bark, dead limbs, decorative wood, pine needles, etc.  Free use collection of these Other SFPs are also available during this period.  Please contact your local SFP Coordinator identified at the bottom of the page for a permit and best management/harvest practices.

Commercial/Larger Quantities of Special Forest Products (SFPs)

Do you want to collect larger quantities than allowed under free-use, or commercial quantities of SFPs?  If so, both charge permits and commercial permits may be available during this period. 

For general questions, or to inquire about a charge or commercial SFP permit, or to request a free use permit for “Other SFPs”, please call one of the Deschutes National Forest's Ranger Districts and ask for the Special Forest Products specialist.