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During Williams Science Camp, a Kaibab National Forest geologist taught the students about the elements necessary to create a fossil.

















As managers of the beautiful 1.6 million acres of the Kaibab National Forest, we feel it is important to educate adults and kids alike about their role in conserving our natural resources. Public lands belong to all of us, and it is all of our responsibility to maintain them for our use and the use of future generations.

If you are interested in finding outstanding conservation education materials to use in your school or at home, please review the "Conservation Education Resources" area on this page.

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Fire Ecology Curriculum

A Kaibab National Forest firefighter applies fire to the landscape using a drip torch.


Fire is an integral component of the forests in the Southwestern Region. This curriculum, which was developed right here on the Kaibab National Forest, uses fire as its central theme in order to provide information and education on a vast array of forest health & ecosystem management issues.

Learning About Natural Resources

A tiny tree frog discovered in Keyhole Sink on the Williams Ranger District.

What do you know about Conservation Education and how can you find the tools you need to succeed in teaching Conservation Education?


Yellow Belly Ponderosa

Flagstaff Arts & Leadership students perform in a theatrical production of Yellow Belly Ponderosa.

Yellow Belly Ponderosa is an exciting theatrical production developed and performed by students of the Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy.