Outdoor Safety & Ethics

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With over 604,000 acres of Forest to patrol, the Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers depend on involvement from the public to bring various problems and things that just don't seem right to their attention.

Duties performed by the Forest Patrol Officers include but are not limited to the following:

  • Initiating Codes of Federal Regulations
  • Assisting with Search and Rescue Operations
  • Arson Investigation and Intervention
  • Timber Theft Investigations and Intervention
  • Archaeological Protection ARPA
  • Drug Enforcement
  • Traffic Laws
  • Assisting and Cooperating with Other Agencies

The U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers have federal credentials authorizing their law enforcement authority even across Parish and State lines. We are badged and armed Federal Law Enforcement Officers, but we are also the Forest visitor's friend. We take pride in visitors safely enjoying their adventures in the Kisatchie National Forest. We also help stranded motorists, call tow trucks, give directions and recreation area suggestions, and assist with medical emergencies. Introducing ourselves to citizens enables them to meet us and provides opportunities to exchange knowledge.

Know and follow the Forest's rules and regulations for your own safety and for the Forest's sake. Public safety and protection of our Forest is the purpose of every rule.