Passes & Permits

Various passes and permits are available on the Kisatchie National Forest. The Forest Service provides many goods and services in a sustainable manner. Passes and permits help to provide those opportunities while protecting the natural resources.

Special Use Permits

Before a special use proposal is approved, the agency must determine that the proposed use complies with the Forest's land and resource management plan; that National Environmental Policy Act requirements are met; there is a demonstrated need for the activity on National Forest System lands; and the use is appropriate on National Forest System lands.

None of the existing special use authorities provide for pemanent use of National Forest System lands.

Special use permits for firewood, road access, etc. may be obtained by contacting the appropriate Ranger District Office for more details and information about how to obtain a permit.

Recreation Permits and Passes

There are a number of different types of recreation passes available. Information for obtaining recreation permits and passes may be found here.

Pic of four types of America the Beautiful Passes


Every Kid in a Park - Free Pass for All 4th GradersGraphic of kids playing by a tree with words every kid outdoors

A federal public lands youth initiative to get all 4th graders and their families to experience the places that are home to our country's natural treasures, rich history, and vibrant culture. Get your pass by visiting the website.

2020-2021 Season Permit for Hunting Red Dirt and Catahoula NWMPs

Hunting, fishing and trapping are permitted in the National Wildlife Management Preserve (NWMP) in accordance with federal and state regulations. Each person hunting, fishing or trapping in the NWMP is required to have in his or her possession this Season Permit, in addition to the required state licenses. Catahoula NWMP (36,000 acres) is within the Winn and Catahoula Ranger Districts (RD) and Red Dirt NWMP (38,000 acres) is within the Kisatchie RD. 



Recreation Accomplishment Report

2019 Recreation Fee Program Accomplishment Highlights