Modoc National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan

The Modoc LMRP (Forest Plan) is scheduled for revision in the next few years. Current efforts are meant to support the multiple planning area science syntheses needed before the plan can be revised. This page provides more information about the combined Lassen and Modoc national forest plan revision process.

Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment

In January 2004, the Forest Service amended the Sierra Nevada Forest Plan (Framework) to improve protection of old forests, wildlife habitats, watersheds and communities in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Modoc Plateau. Learn more at the Pacific Southwest Region Sierra Nevada planning page. A science synthesis is currently underway to support forest plan revisions for national forest managing lands within this management area.

Northwest Forest Plan

Adopted in 1994, the Northwest Forest Plan (NFP) is an integrated, comprehensive design for ecosystem management, intergovernmental and public collaboration, and rural community economic assistance for federal forests in western Oregon, Washington, and northern California. A NWFP revision is currently underway with a new science synthesis. In California, the Plan encompasses the Shasta-Trinity, Klamath, Six Rivers, and Mendocino National Forests, portions of the Lassen and Modoc national forests, and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands. Read more.

Devil's Garden Plateau Wild Horse Territory Management Plan

Noxious Weed Treatment Project EIS

The Modoc National Forest proposes to control, contain, or eradicate noxious weeds on approximately 7,600 acres. These plants have the potential to displace or alternative plant communities and cause long-lasting economic and ecological problems within and outside the National Forests.

Click here to view the EIS for Noxious Weed Treatment on the Modoc National Forest. For more information on current actions visit our projects listings or contact a forest representative.

Sage Steppe Ecosystem Restoration Strategy Final EIS

The Modoc National Forest, Bureau of Land Management and partner agencies including Modoc County, California, cooperated in developing a management strategy and environmental impact statement. The Sage Steppe Ecosystem Restoration Strategy focuses on the restoration of sage steppe ecosystems that have come to be dominated by juniper, as the density of Western juniper has increased over the landscape. The management strategy will broadly identify appropriate restoration methodologies by ecological conditions; provide guidelines for design and implementation of effective restoration treatments for restoration areas to be analyzed site specifically over a 50-year horizon.