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Free Fishing Clinics

Fishing clinics for kids are offered every spring at Mt. Hood National Forest's four ranger districts: Barlow Ranger District, Clackmas River Ranger District, Hood River Ranger District, and Zigzag Ranger District. 

For more information on these fun and informative events, please give your local ranger district a call.

Climate Change, Sustainability, and Reducing Impact to the Environment

Mt. Hood National Forest is providing the following information to its employees in order to increase our employees' basic literacy on climate change, sustainability, and reducing one's impact to the environment.  Interested members of the public are also invited to peruse the information presented HERE.

Learn more about the Mt. Hood National Forest by going on a hike or tour

The Interpretation and Conservation Education Program of the Zigzag Ranger District, Mt. Hood National Forest offers several tours, hikes, walks, and other opportunities focused on learning more about the nature, history, and culture of the area. In the past, a number of great summer activities have been provided, including:

  • Timberline Lodge Tours

  • Cloud Cap Inn Tours

  • Trillium Lake Nature Walks

  • Ranger Talks

To learn more about our Intrepretation programs, please contact Debora Boudreau, Westside Special Uses Administrator, at deboraboudreau@fs.fed.us.

Learn how animals in the forest react when forest fires start and what you can do to help avoid unnatural wildfires by following Cedar Squirrel and his friends while drawing in our coloring book:

Fire Prevention Coloring Book