Forest Products Permits

You generally need a permit to remove products from the Mt. Hood National Forest. Gathering, harvesting, or collecting is prohibited inside Wilderness Areas, Research Natural Areas, Experimental Forests, and other administratively closed areas. 

Some “Special Forest Products” may be consumed or used while on the forest without a permit. For example, you can eat small amounts of berries or mushrooms while in the forest, or you can use firewood (only down wood) for a campfire while camping (any firewood left after camping must remain on forest). 

Forest Products Information

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Firewood Mushrooms Salal, Beargrass, Ferns, & Cuttings Berries
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Transplants Poles & Posts Cones & Seeds Boughs
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Forest Products Rules & Regulations

(To print the Guidelines brochures, check the box that says "booklet" in the print properties window.) 


Free Use Mushroom Maps

Mt. Hood National Forest is a great place to gather mushrooms for personal use and commercial harvest. See the maps below that indicate where mushroom gathering is acceptable. Click on one of the four district maps and you can print a map from home.