Forest Products Permits

Harvesting forest products on Mt. Hood

There are many special forest products available to harvest on the Mt. Hood National Forest. Removal of forest products supports Forest Service objectives to foster resilient, adaptive ecosystems to mitigate climate change, mitigate wildfire risk, and strengthen communities. Special forest products are natural resource products - such as berries, mushrooms, firewood, and transplants, to name a few - that are not traditional timber products. Harvesting special forest products is monitored and regulated by our specialists to ensure continued availability & sustainability of the Forest's resources. 

At Mt. Hood National Forest, harvesters are required to obtain a permit for some products, but nor for others. This is dependent on several factors including product type, how much product is being collected, and whether it’s for personal use or for commercial purposes. Learn more about which products can be collected for free and without a permit, under incidental use guidelines.

Harvest of products may be restricted by:

  • quantity
  • harvest methods
  • location
  • how long the permit is valid
  • season of use

More information on individual products available is listed in the table below. For details about special forest products and permits, please contact your nearest district office

Forest Products Information

Click for firewood info Click for mushroom info Click for info on foliage and cuttings Click for Christmas tree permit info
Firewood Mushrooms Greenery & Cuttings
(beargrass, salal, etc.)
Christmas Trees
Click for transplants info Click for info on poles and posts Click for cones and dry seeds info Click for info about boughs
Transplants Poles & Posts Cones & Seeds Boughs
Click for info on medicinals Click for berries info MORE!  
(valerian, yarrow, etc.)

General Harvest Guidelines & Tips

  • Harvest is prohibited in: Tilly Jane Proposed Wilderness, Camp Baldwin area, designated wilderness, protection areas, research natural areas, municipal watersheds, heritage or administrative sites, recreation sites, riparian areas, streams (Class 1 thru 4), ponds, reservoirs, lakes, or wetlands unless the product occurs within a road prism open to motor vehicle use.
  • Follow all road and area closures. Closures are placed to reduce the spread of forest diseases, protect wildlife and land resources, or to provide for public safety. Vehicles are not allowed on closed roads.
  • Do not remove products from the Forest unless you’re certain it’s legal to do so. National Forests don’t always share the same regulations for management of special forest products.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you are on land open for product collection. Mt. Hood National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Maps are available at no charge at district offices or online for download.
  • Individual product harvesting techniques must be followed.
  • Harvest of any protected species is strictly prohibited. Ensure you know what species you're collecting.

Forest Products Rules & Regulations

(To print a Guidelines brochure, check the box that says "booklet" in the print properties window. Print double-sided, flip on short edge.)

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