Law Enforcement

Protecting You and Our Cultural and Natural Resources

What We Do

Forest Service Law Enforcement and Investigations (LEI) personnel are responsible for protecting the public, employees, natural resources, and other property under the agency’s jurisdiction. Additionally, LEI investigates and enforces applicable laws and regulations that affect the National Forest System (NFS) lands, and prevents criminal violations. Read more on Law Enforcement and Investigations in national forests and grasslands.

Crime Prevention 

Visiting your national forest and grasslands can be a wonderful experience. You may enjoy recreating in a developed campground, walking on a trail, fishing a stream, collecting rocks, enjoying off-highway vehicle trails, or appreciating the view from an overlook. Whatever your activity, chances are there may be other people in the area. Although most people are there to enjoy the national forest or grassland some are not. Read more on safety in your national forests and grasslands.