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little girl hugs woodsy in a field of flowersConservation Education

Learning can be fun! Through educational activities and experiences Conservation Education (CE) helps people of all ages and backgrounds understand and appreciate our country's natural resources -- and learn how to conserve those resources for future generations.

Ultimate Outdoor Classroom

In this section of the website, you can discover dinosaurs, water, fire, climate, bugs, birds, history, outdoor etiquette and much, much more. Of course Smokey and Woodsy are always near by. If you are a teacher, many resources are available to share the outdoors, indoors.

The Rocky Mountain Region manages 17 national forests and seven national grasslands throughout Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. There are oodles of opportunities for you to explore, discover, and ultimately understand and appreciate this remarkable land we depend on.

History and Culture

The Rocky Mountain region is rich in history and has many stories to share. Take a peek at Forest Service history.

Research and "Ologists"

A good source of current scientific information for our area can be found at the Rocky Mountain Research Station.

Wonder what an "ologist" is? - it's someone who is a specialist in or studies a specific subject. For examples of "ologists" that work for the forest service, check out our word search.