Working Together

volunteers standing by their revegation project.The US Forest Service works in partnership with public agencies, private organizations, tribes, watershed groups, volunteer organizations, nonprofit organizations, schools, and individuals to manage national forest resources. These include water, fish, trees, soil, recreation facilities, trails, roads, terrestrial habitats, invasive weeds, and much, much more!


  • Volunteers make up a significant part of the Forest Service workforce. They contribute thousands of hours to restoring watersheds, guiding youth, trail maintenance, hosting campgrounds, monitoring wildlife populations and far more. Volunteering is an excellent way to learn new skills, meet new people, create opportunities, and help your communities.


  • The Forest Service works hard to support an integrated, strategic, and above all, person-to-person approach to developing and maintaining partnerships of all sorts, for mutual benefits both short and long term.


  • The Regional Office continually solicits for various services, supplies, and leases. Follow this link for more information on doing business with the government.

Advisory Committees

  • Information on citizen advisory committees and the Federal Advisory Committee Act is available (FACA) and and Recreation Resource Advisory Committees (RRAC).

Center for Design and Interpretation (CDI)

  • The Rocky Mountain Region's Center for Design and Interpretation (CDI) is a full-service team bringing together the design disciplines of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering, Interpretive Planning and Graphic Illustration to meet your needs. Our multi-disciplinary team can take your project from concept through implementation. Contact the CDI for more information.


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