Nature & Science

Three fuzzy snowy plover chicks on the sand Stream in Rock Creek Wilderness with trees on back and light shafts radiating photo of view of Cape Perpetua with Pacific Ocean and cove

Fish & Wildlife

Oregon Silverspot Butterfly

Western Snowy Plover: Sharing the Beach

Birds and Bird Watching

Fish of the Pacific Northwest: Species lists and descriptions are available from the Region 6 Fisheries website.

Common Tidepool Animals of Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

Trees & Plants

Information on Plant Associations in streamside plant communities and in the Oregon Coast Range.

Forest Trees of the Pacific Northwest
This link will take you to the Tree Identifcation home page for Oregon State University

Celebrating Wildflowers
Wildflower highlights across the country's National Forests

Common Tidepool Plants of Cape Perpetua Scenic Area (pdf ~ 658 kb)


Geology of the Oregon Dunes The elements that influence dune formation