Forest Products Permits

Special Forest Product Permits

Harvesting or gathering mushrooms, greenery, berries, cones, plants, firewood, or other special forest products for personal or commercial use is allowed in many areas of the Siuslaw National Forest; however, certain areas are off-limits, a permit may be required, and some restrictions apply.

  • Harvest and collection of forest products is prohibited in designated wilderness areas, research natural areas, experimental forests, and other administratively closed areas.
  • In many cases, a permit is required. Permits may be free of charge or have nominal fees, depending on the type of forest product and whether it is for personal or commercial use. Failure to have the required permit may result in a citation and fine.
  • Consumption of edible forest products such as berries and mushrooms on-site (e.g., a handful of berries eaten while hike and not collected and carried out of the forest) is considered incidental use and does not require a permit.
  • To ensure continued access to forest products, please be a good steward. Harvest products in an ecologically sound way and pack out all of your trash and food scraps.

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