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Join the Clavey Crew-5 Handcrew on the Stanislaus National Forest

Applications must be received by May 3, 2019

The U.S. Forest Service, Stanislaus National Forest, is seeking highly motivated individuals interested in a job in wildland firefighting.  This opportunity is for on-call emergency work positions. The position does not have regular scheduled or guaranteed hours, but is based on the emergency work needs of the forest. The Clavey Crew-5 may be activated when there is fire activity on the forest, when we need to increase initial attack capacity on the forest, or we need to mobilize for an off-forest incident.

Learn more about applying for the Clavey Crew-5.

Wildland Firefighter Training Announcement


Prescribed fires planned for Stanislaus National Forest

Fire managers plan prescribed fires on all ranger districts

Prescribed burn on Summit Ranger DistrictPrescribed burning is an effective, cost efficient method of reducing flammable forest fuels, improving firefighting capabilities and reducing impacts of large, uncontrolled and damaging wildland fires. This may include lighting a fire in an area for various purposes after careful planning and under controlled conditions. 

A prescribed fire enhances public and firefighter safety by reducing the build-up of dead and down fuels and reduces the threat of high-intensity wildfire while protecting watershed values and wildlife habitat by creating a mosaic pattern of vegetation, rather than a dense covering.

Before a prescribed fire begins, fire personnel confirm that a specific set of conditions exist, including relative humidity, temperature, moisture content and favorable air conditions. The forest supervisor or district ranger reviews approves each planned burn. On the Stanislaus National Forest these burns generally occur in fall and spring, when conditions are favorable. 

Learn more about the forest's prescribed burn program. You can view where firefighters will be conducting controlled burns on the forest by visiting the news and events section, listed below.

Over-Snow Use Designation Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement

A-OSV RiderThe Stanislaus National Forest is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement on a proposal to designate oversnow vehicle use on National Forest System  roads, trails and areas within the forest, and to identify snow trails for grooming within the Stanislaus National Forest. In addition, the Forest Service is proposing to establish snow depths for OSV use and snow grooming. View OSV use designation draft EIS project information.

Recent News


Final Minimization Criteria Report

A report describing how the Stanislaus National Forest demonstrated compliance with the Travel Management Rule’s Subpart B Minimization Criteria in connection with the 2009 Record of Decision (ROD) for motorized travel management on the Stanislaus National Forest.

Management of Settlement's Interim Period Route Closures

A document describing management of the 2014 Stipulated Settlement Agreement’s Interim Period trail closures including, the initial closure methods, those closure method’s effectiveness, any additional actions that were taken to  maintain the closure, whether any subsequent NEPA decisions and implementation have occurred affecting the trails included in the Interim Period trail closures, and whether each trail would be eligible to be added to the motor vehicle use map upon issuance of the Notice of Compliance.

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Stanislaus NF, local high school students share their community spirit

In a barren forest a girl hands a boy seeds to plant.

Students from Tioga High School spent four hours at the site of the July 2015 Big Creek fire on Stanislaus National Forest in Groveland, Calif., March 3, 2017, planting trees.

Seeking members for Resource Advisory Committee (RAC)

A Secure Rural Schools Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) provides advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture through the Forest Service.

A map of our nations national forests and grasslands.

Interactive Visitor Map: Stanislaus National Forest

Focus on finding a national forest map.

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An illustration of some trees in a forest, some of which are blackened.

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