Fire Management

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Fire incident information: Find information on current, active wildfires nationwide on InciWeb.

State and BLM lands: The Oregon Department of Forestry fire restrictions and closures at

Fire Danger Level

Fire danger highFire Danger rating is currently HIGH across the forest. Learn more about Fire Danger Ratings and definitions.


Fire Restrictions (Campfires, smoking, etc.)

Fire restrictions are in place as of Aug. 5, 2022.

  • All campfires, charcoal or briquette fires, pellet fires, or any other fires will be prohibited, except in designated campgrounds.
  • Portable cooking stoves, lanterns and heaters using liquefied or bottled fuel are still allowed if they can be switched on and off.
  • Smoking is not allowed except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or in areas devoid of vegetation.
  • Welding, or operating an acetylene or other torch with open flame is also not allowed.
  • Generators are permitted only in areas devoid of vegetation such as a paved area or developed campsite.
  • Motorized vehicles may operate only on designated trails and roads, including within the Huckleberry Flats and Santiam Pass OHV areas.

 Read details, including a list of designated campgrounds where campfires are still allowed in campfire rings: Temporary Fire Restrictions Forest Order #06-18-00-22-13.

Fire Related Closures

View current fire related closures. There may be other public safety closures in effect so visitors are encouraged to check current conditions and alerts prior to leaving home.

Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL)

Industrial Fire Precaution Levels (IFPLs) apply to permitted activities such as timber sales, service contracts, and firewood cutting. IFPL levels I – IV address the type and timing of work that can be done during fire season to reduce the risk of operations sparking a wildfire. 

Click here for map of Oregon Department of Forestry IFPL zones and to see what level each zone is at (note: this information can change frequently throughout the summer). Find more information about IFPLs.

Prescribed Fires

Prescribed fire is a planned fire. Sometimes called a “controlled burn” or “prescribed burn,” the Forest Service manages prescribed fires to benefit natural resources and reduce the risk of unwanted wildfires in the future. Visit the Prescribed Burn page for maps and additional information.

2020 Wildfires

Get the latest updates about impacts of the 2020 wildfires and fire closures here, including information about danger tree removal.

Trees burning in the Holiday Farm Fire


Fire Information Resources

Science has changed the way we think about wildland fire and the way we manage it. We still suppress fires, especially if they threaten people and communities, but we understand that fire has a role in nature – one that can lead to healthy ecosystems. So we look for ways to manage it to play its role, for instance, by igniting prescribed fires.

Management Resources

Regional Resources