Event/Commercial Permits

A large group of road cyclists racing with a mountain peak in the backgroundA Special Use Authorization is a permit, term permit, temporary permit, lease, or easement or other written instrument that grants rights or privileges of occupancy and use subject to specified terms and conditions on National Forest land. The occupancy and use may be for a one-day event such as a wedding or bicycle race, or for up to 40 years such as a ski resort permit. Our policy is to manage special uses on National Forest lands in a manner that protects natural resource values, public health and safety, and is consistent with the Forest land and resource management plans.

When do I need an authorization?

  • If you will need to occupy, use or build in National Forest Service (NFS) land for personal or business purposes, whether the duration is temporary or long term.
  • If there is a fee being charged or if income is derived from the use.
  • If an activity on NFS land involves individuals or organizations with 75 or more participants or spectators.

Is my proposal appropriate?

  • Your request must be consistent with federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and special orders that apply to the national forests.
  • Your request must be consistent with the Forest Plan that established standards and guidelines for management of the land where the activity will take place. A copy of the forest plan is available at the Willamette National Forest office.
  • Your request must not endanger public health or safety.
  • Your request must not require exclusive or perpetual use or occupancy.
  • Your request cannot conflict or interfere with administrative use by the Forest Service, other authorized existing uses, or uses of adjacent nonfederal lands.
  • The application must not owe any fees to the Forest Service from a prior special-use authorization.
  • No gambling or providing of sexually-oriented commercial services can be authorized on NFS land, even if permitted under state law.
  • No military or paramilitary training or exercises can be authorized on NFS land, unless it is federally funded.
  • No disposal of solid waste or storage or disposal of radioactive or other hazardous substances can be authorized on NFS land.

Types of Special Use Permits

Recreation Event (applying for a recreation event also requires a completed Recreation Event Form)

Outfitters and Guides

Commercial Filming and Photography

Commercial Non-Recreational (Lands)

Recreation Residences


General Application Form (SF 299)

Recreation Event Application (FS-2700-3c)

Obtaining a Special-Use Authorization FAQ

Special Uses Overview

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