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National Agroforestry Center Staff

Lord Ameyaw - NRCS Agroforester

Profile picture of Lord Ameyaw.Lord Ameyaw has been serving as NRCS Agroforester since 2019. In this role, Lord coordinates agroforestry responsibilities, including oversight of conservation practice standards, research, technical assistance, and education/outreach on behalf of the NRCS, Nebraska Forest Service, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and National Agroforestry Center. Lord can be reached at (402) 472-6697, or via email to

Gary Bentrup - Research Landscape Architect

Profile picture of Gary Bentrup.Gary Bentrup has been with the National Agroforestry Center since 1999. His research investigates the planning and design of agroforestry systems for multiple ecosystem services including mitigating and adapting to climate change. His research portfolio focuses on developing evidence-based decision support tools and resources for agroforestry including systematic reviews, illustrated design guidelines, financial calculators, and plant selection guides. Gary can be reached at (402) 437-5178 ext. 4018, or via email to

Josh Bundy - Resource Assistant

Profile picture of Josh Bundy.Josh works within the Technology Transfer realm at NAC, focusing primarily on publications. His responsibilities revolve around the designing and updating of NAC publications that are put on the website. He also works with images and videos that are sent in, as well as the creation of graphics to help readers better understand the content within the publications. Josh can be reached at

Todd Kellerman - GIS Specialist

Profile picture of Todd Kellerman.Todd uses geospatial tools and data to identify where agroforestry is and where it could go for the greatest impact. Inventory efforts include using remote sensing technology to map and assess agroforestry as well as mapping survey response data for agroforestry use insights. His current work focuses on developing methods to identify windbreaks using high-resolution imagery and assessing carbon sequestration benefits of trees outside forests in agricultural areas. Todd lives in Lincoln, NE with his wife and two boys. Todd can be reached at (402) 437-5178 ext. 4037, or via email to

Kate MacFarland - Agroforester

Profile picture of Kate Macfarland.Kate’s work focuses on providing leadership for national and regional workshops and trainings, developing outreach materials for science delivery to a range of technical and general audiences, and supporting the integration of agroforestry into USDA programs. Kate is also involved with NAC’s human dimensions work. . Kate can be reached at

Matt Smith - Research Program Lead

Profile picture of Matt Smith.Matt Smith joined the National Agroforestry Center in 2019. His current research explores the human dimensions of agroforestry and how economic, social, and environmental drivers impact adoption. A key component of this research is the National Agroforestry Survey, which will quantify the reasons why producers use agroforestry by practice type and how they establish and manage their systems. His research portfolio also includes investigations into how silvopasture management effects key ecosystem services. This includes carbon storage and the potential to mitigate wildfire severity through fuels reduction. Feel free to contact Matt if you have questions or a research collaboration in mind. Matt can be reached at

Richard Straight - Technology Transfer Program Lead

Profile picture of Richard Straight.Rich Straight primarily focuses on development of outreach and educational publications and providing training opportunities. His main audience is people who provide direct assistance to landowners and producers. These include federal, state, and local agencies and non-governmental organizations. Although human dimensions takes up the bulk of his efforts, he also collaborates on other aspects of agroforestry research and outreach. Rich can be reached at (402) 437-5178 ext. 4024, or via email to

Kirsten Stuart - Support Services Specialist

Profile picture of Kirsten Stuart.Kirsten has been the Business Manager at NAC for 27 years. She provides advice, counsel and/or instruction to employees on both work and administrative matters. She plans, directs and coordinates a variety of office service programs that principally support office functions which include (but are not limited to) budget tracking, travel, assisting with grants and agreements, procurement of administrative supplies and equipment, property management, space management, records management, printing, mail service, facilities, and equipment maintenance. She also provides support and information to the public and USDA employees. Kirsten can be reached at (402) 437-5178 ext. 4010, or via email to

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