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Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Agroforestry Grants

The USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture's (NIFA) Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program funds many grants that support research and outreach in agroforestry. These include grants targeted at farmers/ranchers, professional development, and partnerships. Such efforts can inform decisions regarding agroforestry implementation and research. This table catalogues and indexes many SARE projects related to agroforestry. It also links to the overview of each project provided in the SARE project database. Use this tool to search past projects by agroforestry practice, state, date, and project type. If you know of additional SARE-funded projects that should be added to this catalogue, or would like to provide feedback, please contact Kate MacFarland.

Thank you to David Livingstone and Nicolas Manzi from the University of Nebraska for their help with compiling this information in June 2018.

Agroforestry Practice Title State Year Project Type
GeneralA Comparative Study of Low Input and High Input Taro Production in American Pacific with Special Reference to Pest ControlHawaii1989Research and Education
GeneralA Mid-South Conference on LISA-Related Agroforestry Practices and PoliciesArkansas1990Research and Education
WindbreakImpact of Tree Windbreaks on Distribution of Insect Pests and their Natural Enemies in Sustainable Agricultural SystemsNebraska1992Research and Education
Riparian Forest BufferAn Integrated Riparian Management System to Control Agricultural Pollution and Enhance Wildlife HabitatIowa1993Research and Education
GeneralComparing Farming Systems with Different Strategies and Input Levels: A Research/Education Program with Replicated Micro-FarmsNebraska1994Research and Education
Alley CroppingSustaining Row Crop and Fine Hardwood Productivity through Alley Cropping: On-Farm Demonstration, Research, and Economic Evaluation of an Integrated SystemIndiana1994Research and Education
GeneralTraining “Agents” in On-Farm Implementation of Sustainable Management Systems for Tropical Agriculture in Hawaii and the Pacific RegionHawaii1994Professional Development Program
Alley CroppingOrchard Alley Cropping the Subhumid TropicsHawaii1995Research and Education
WindbreakMultiple-Use Borderlands: An Educational and Demonstration ProjectIndiana1996Research and Education
GeneralPeople to People: Sustainable Agriculture Networking for Farmers and Rural CommunitiesMinnesota1996Research and Education
Riparian Forest BufferThe Impact of Riparian Vegetation Filters on Western Soil and Water Quality: Nonpoint-Source Pollutants from Range and CroplandsWyoming1996Research and Education
GeneralNorth Central Sustainable Agriculture Training ProgramNebraska1997Professional Development Program
GeneralCovering New Ground: Tropical Cover Crops for Improving Soil QualityHawaii1998Professional Development Program
GeneralDeer Damage Abatement Research ProjectIowa1998Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureFeasibility of Agroforestry System using Management Intensive Grazing in Eastern Black Walnut PlantationMissouri1998Research and Education
GeneralIntroducing Alternative Crops Into Traditional Cotton-Grain Farming to Aid Transition To “Freedom to Farm” AgricultureTexas1998Research and Education
GeneralLow Environmental Impact Establishment of Hybrid Poplar PlantationMinnesota1998Farmer/Rancher
WindbreakWiersema Dairy Agroforestry ProjectIdaho1998Farmer/Rancher
GeneralBrambles and Sassafras AgroforestryMissouri1999Farmer/Rancher
WindbreakCrop-bearing Windbreak/Shelterbelt ProjectIowa1999Farmer/Rancher
GeneralDemonstrating the Benefits of Agroforestry Practices on Family FarmsPuerto Rico1999Farmer/Rancher
GeneralMaking the Farm Profitable Using AgroforestryWest Virginia1999Farmer/Rancher
GeneralPropagation of Superior, Straight Growing Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia, ‘Haudenosaunee’) through AgroforestryNew York1999Farmer/Rancher
GeneralRehabilitation of Degraded Savannah LandFederated state of Micronesia1999Farmer/Rancher
GeneralAgroforestry & Forest Management: Sustaining Small Farms & Creating Learning Communities in the NortheastNew York2000Professional Development Program
WindbreakMultipurpose Windbreaks for the Protection of Vegetable Crops and Production of Fruit and Nut CropsMassachusetts2000Farmer/Rancher
GeneralPerennial Grass Covers Affect Long-Term Soil QualityIowa2000Research and Education
GeneralSoutheast Iowa Agroforestry DemonstrationIowa2000Research and Education
GeneralSpecialty Forestry Products Professional DevelopmentNebraska2000Professional Development Program
GeneralStrategically Thinning a Pecan Orchard and Use of the By-product for Sustainable ManagementMissouri2000Farmer/Rancher
GeneralThe Impact of Agricultural Systems on Soil Quality and SustainabilityNorth Carolina2000Research and Education
GeneralUsing Straight-Growing Black Locust in On-Farm AgroforestryNew York2000Farmer/Rancher
GeneralWatersMeet Eco* FarmWisconsin2000Farmer/Rancher
GeneralWhole Farm Planning for Sustainable SystemsNebraska2000Professional Development Program
GeneralBeach Plum: Small Farm Sustainability through Crop Diversification & Value-Added ProductsNew York2001Research and Education
Alley CroppingCompetition for Nitrogen and Groundwater Nitrate Levels in Temperate Alley Cropping SystemsFlorida2001Graduate Student
GeneralEvaluating Agroforestry Enterprise Opportunities for Specialty Forest Products: Decision Tools for ProducersNebraska2001Research and Education
Forest FarmingForest Meets Farm: Profitable New Crops for Small Farms in Forested OhioOhio2001Professional Development Program
GeneralLong-Term, Large-Scale Systems Research Directed Toward Agricultural SustainabilityNorth Carolina2001Research and Education
GeneralRota Coffee CompanyNorthern Mariana Islands2001Farmer/Rancher
WindbreakComparing the Input Costs and Economic Returns of a Planted Windbreak in Central MaineMaine2002Farmer/Rancher
Forest FarmingEcology and Cultivation of Non-Timber Forest Products in AppalachiaOhio2002Research and Education
Alley CroppingEnhancing the Economic and Environmental Competitiveness of Small Farms Through AgroforestryFlorida2002Research and Education
GeneralSpecies Profiles for Pacific Island AgroforestryHawaii2002Professional Development Program
SilvopastureDairy Goat Woodland Grazing ProjectNorth Carolina2003Farmer/Rancher
GeneralExperiential Learning Opportunities for Graduate and Undergraduate StudentsMinnesota2003Research and Education
GeneralNew Farmers: Choosing the Road Less TraveledHawaii2003Professional Development Program
SilvopastureOptimizing Forage Production and Quality Within a temperate Silvopasture SystemVirginia2003Graduate Student
SilvopasturePerformance of Various Forage Combinations Under Thinned Pine Canopies in North FloridaFlorida2003Farmer/Rancher
GeneralReclaiming Pastureland for Diversified Fruit/Maple ProductionNew Hampshire2003Farmer/Rancher
Riparian Forest BufferRiparian Buffers: Function, Management, and Economic Implications for AgricultureWashington2003Research and Education
Riparian Forest BufferRiparian Buffers: Function, Management, and Economic Implications for AgricultureWashington2003Research and Education
SilvopastureSilvopasture in the NortheastMassachusetts2003Farmer/Rancher
GeneralAgroforestry Training for Professionals in Missouri and the MidwestMissouri2004Professional Development Program
GeneralDeveloping Legume Shade Trees for Sustainable Coffee Production in Puerto RicoPuerto Rico2004Research and Education
GeneralNitrogen Fertilization for Hybrid Hazelnuts in the Upper MidwestMinnesota2004Graduate Student
SilvopasturePotential for Nitrate-Nitrogen Leaching in a Silvopastoral System Compared with Open Pasture and Loblolly Pine PlantationFlorida2004Graduate Student
SilvopastureSustainable Hair Sheep Silvopastoral SystemOklahoma2004Farmer/Rancher
Forest FarmingThe How, When and Why of Forest Farming: Building and Using New Internet Based Infrastructure to Advance Learning and Practice in the NortheastNew York2004Professional Development Program
Alley CroppingEffects of the Quality of Organic Soil Amendments on the Soil Community and on Nitrogen Mineralization in an Agroecosystem in the Georgia PiedmontGeorgia2005Graduate Student
Forest FarmingMulti-Stakeholder Collaboration for Profitable and Ecological Cultivation of Forest MedicinalsWest Virginia2005Research and Education
GeneralPacific Island Agroforestry Workshops and Field VisitsHawaii2005Professional Development Program
SilvopastureSilvopasture for Forage, Cattle and TreesMississippi2005Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureUnderstanding Plant-Soil-Livestock Interactions: A Key to Enhanced Sustainability in Southern-Pine Silvopasture SystemsAlabama2005Research and Education
Alley CroppingAgro-Forestry Project: Incorporating Grass-Hay Alley Cropping With Organic Nut ProductionIowa2006Farmer/Rancher
Riparian Forest BufferAssessment of Riparian Management Practices in Northeastern OregonOregon2006Graduate Student
SilvopastureAgroforestry: Transforming Unproductive Woodlots Into Productive Livestock Operations.Ohio2007Farmer/Rancher
GeneralDemonstrating Organic Wild Crop Utilization and Certification as a Profitable Model for Enhancing Overall Farm Sustainability in the Missouri OzarksMissouri2007Farmer/Rancher
GeneralGrowing Highly Nutritious Staple Food Crops Using Intensive and Sustainable Agriculture SystemsOhio2007Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureIntegrated Alternative Energy and Livestock Production SystemsMissouri2007Professional Development Program
GeneralNew crops for Pacific Island AgroforestryHawaii2007Professional Development Program
GeneralPrecious Indigenous Woods For Coffee ShadePuerto Rico2007Research and Education
GeneralPrecious Indigenous Woods For Coffee ShadePuerto Rico2007Farmer/Rancher
GeneralAssessing the Sustainability of Growing Non-traditional Fruit Tree Crops in the Upper Midwest: A collaborative agro-forestry approachWisconsin2008Farmer/Rancher
GeneralComparative Study of Cuban Slugs (Veronicella cubensis) Suppression Using Grazing Ducks, Neem (Azadirachia indica) Extract and Chemical Baits in the CNMINorthern Mariana Islands2008Farmer/Rancher
WindbreakComprehensive Evaluation of Windbreaks of Fast-Growing TreesFlorida2008Graduate Student
GeneralDecline of Casuarina equisetifolia: A Loss to Pacific Island AgroforestryGuam2008Research and Education
GeneralDemonstrating Higher Yields and Market Opportunities of Mixed Annual and Perennial Intensive Planting in Appalachian OhioOhio2009Farmer/Rancher
Alley CroppingDevelopment of Agroforest Systems for Bioenergy Crop Production and Ecosystem Services in the lower Mississippi Alluvial ValleyLouisiana2009Research and Education
WindbreakEvaluating New Windbreaks and Cover Crops for Tropical Fruit CropsHawaii2009Farmer/Rancher
GeneralNative Bee Habitat Rehabilitation: Encouraging Greater Adoption of Sustainable Pollination PracticesPennsylvania2009Partnership
SilvopastureOptimal Nutritive Value of Honeylocust Seed Pods Within Temperate SilvopastureVirginia2009Graduate Student
GeneralSustainable Agriculture Education and Practicum for Kansas Small Farmers and Ranchers Using Permaculture Principles of Ecological Systems Design and ManagementKansas2009Farmer/Rancher
Forest FarmingAppalachian Forest Farming Network for Native Medicinal Plant ProductionVirginia2010Farmer/Rancher
Forest FarmingCultivation of Shiitake Mushrooms as an Agroforestry Crop for New EnglandNew York2010Research and Education
GeneralDeveloping Successful Marketing Strategies for Elderberry Growers and Value Added Processors: A Model for Specialty Crop Development in the U.S. MidwestMissouri2010Research and Education
SilvopastureEnhancing the Economic Stability of Select Limited Resource Farms through the Establishment of Micropropagated Pecan Orchards Integrated with Crops and AnimalsAlabama2010Research and Education
GeneralField Grafting Improved Chestnut Cultivars to Increase Yield: An Operational Test in an Agroforestry SystemMissouri2010Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureIntegrating Free Range Poultry with Ruminant and Agroforestry Production in a Systems ApproachArkansas2010Research and Education
GeneralNative Bee Habitat Rehabilitation; Encouraging Greater Adoption of Sustainable Pollination Practices - Part IIPennsylvania2010Partnership
GeneralPhase 1: Truffle Orchard Establishment – The Burgundy Truffle as a New Sustainable Agroforestry Crop for the Missouri OzarksMissouri2010Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureUnderstanding Small Landowners’ Perspectives in Adoption of Goat-Agroforestry Land Management SystemAlabama2010Research and Education
SilvopastureUtilizing Holistic Planned Grazing as a Regenerative Engine for Sustainable AgricultureNew York2010Professional Development Program
GeneralWeed Management Alternatives for Organic Coffee Agroforestry Systems of Puerto RicoPuerto Rico2010Research and Education
GeneralHawai’i Community-Based Food SecurityHawaii2011Professional Development Program
WindbreakNative Bee Habitat Rehabilitation; Encouraging Greater Adoption of Sustainable Pollination Practices – Part IIIPennsylvania2011Partnership
WindbreakPollinator Forage DevelopmentNew Mexico2011Farmer/Rancher
GeneralProfessional Training for Sustainable Agroforestry in KansasKansas2011Professional Development Program
SilvopastureAssessment of Long-Term Management Impact on Soil C Dynamics in Subtropical GrasslandsFlorida2012Graduate Student
GeneralCEFS Long-Term Systems Research: Providing the Building Blocks for Resilient Food Production SystemsNorth Carolina2012Research and Education
GeneralEffects of Controlled Disturbance within Early-Successional Northeastern Forest Habitat: Evaluating Soil Quality, Plant Production, and Economic FeasibilityMassachusetts2012Farmer/Rancher
GeneralGreat Plains Agroforestry: Evaluation of Bioenergy Feedstock and Carbon Sequestration as Potential Long-term Revenue Streams to Diversify Landowner IncomeIowa2012Research and Education
GeneralIncreasing Agroforestry Adoption and Networking in the Midwest through Targeted Professional DevelopmentMissouri2012Professional Development Program
Forest FarmingIntegrating Ducks into Log-grown Shiitake Mushroom Production for Slug Control and Added YieldsNew York2012Farmer/Rancher
GeneralNiche Nut Processing Project: Collaborating To Establish Nut Crop Production, Processing And Marketing In The North Central RegionOhio2012Farmer/Rancher
GeneralPhase 2: Burgundy Truffle Orchard Establishment – The Burgundy Truffle as a New Sustainable Agro-forestry Crop for MissouriMissouri2012Farmer/Rancher
Forest FarmingPractitioner Decision Effects on Select Biochemical and Organoleptic Qualities of Shiitake Mushrooms (Lentinula edodes)New York2012Graduate Student
SilvopastureSilvopasture in the Northeast: Environmental and Economic Implications of Land-use Conversion within a Northern Hardwoods ForestNew Hampshire2012Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureAdvancing On-Farm Understanding and Application of Silvopasture Technologies in PennsylvaniaPennsylvania2013Partnership
Alley CroppingAlley Cropping in a Hillside Terrace SystemOhio2013Farmer/Rancher
Alley CroppingAssessing Nitrogen and Carbon Pools in a Perennial Biomass Alley Cropping System in Minnesota U.S.A.Minnesota2013Graduate Student
GeneralIntegrating Continuous Living Cover (CLC) into Farming Systems through Professional DevelopmentMinnesota2013Professional Development Program
SilvopastureMade in the Shade – Using Silvopasture Research and On-farm Demonstrations to Advance These Sustainable Agroforestry SystemsVirginia2013Research and Education
GeneralTrainer’s Training in Agroforestry Practices in the Southeastern Region: 1890 Agroforestry Consortium InitiativeAlabama2013Professional Development Program
SilvopastureAcoustic Analysis: A Novel Way to Measure Livestock Grazing BehaviorVirginia2014Graduate Student
GeneralCoppicing for Northeastern Farms: Farmer Feedback and Coppice System Case StudiesMassachusetts2014Partnership
GeneralDiversification of Winter Wheat & Beef Cattle Production Fields through Agroforestry & Covercrop IntegrationOklahoma2014Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureImpacts of Land Use Intensification on Soil Organic Carbon Stocks, Soil Carbon Fractions and Microbial Activities in Subtropical Grazing Land EcosystemsFlorida2014Graduate Student
WindbreakIntegrating Flowering Windbreaks for Insect Management in CucumbersMichigan2014Graduate Student
Forest FarmingMarket Assessment for Northeast Forest-Grown MushroomsPennsylvania2014Partnership
GeneralCommercialization of Hazelnuts for Growers in the Upper MidwestWisconsin2015Research and Education
Forest FarmingComparing a Centrifuge to a Maple Syrup Filter PressRhode Island2015Farmer/Rancher
GeneralCrop Performance, Pests, and Pollinators in Diverse Agroforestry SystemsIllinois2015Partnership
GeneralNE Advanced Agroforestry Training for Natural Resource and Agricultural EducatorsPennsylvania2015Professional Development Program
GeneralSeven Trees, Seven Practices: Demonstrating Agroforestry in the Western PacificGuam2015Professional Development Program
GeneralAgroforestry Design for Sustainable Production Systems in the U.S.-Affiliated Pacific IslandsHawaii2016Professional Development Program
SilvopastureEvaluating and Sharing Techniques in Silvopasture EstablishmentIllinois2016Partnership
GeneralField Testing The Mulberry for Commercial Production in the MidwestOhio2016Farmer/Rancher
GeneralFostering Good Stewardship of Ozarks Forests Through a Sustainable Forestry Field TripMissouri2016Research and Education
SilvopastureImproving Silvopasture Systems in the South: Identification of Suitable Forage Crops and Enhancement of Environmental Quality in Upland ForestsSouth Carolina2016Research and Education
SilvopastureIntegration of Silvopasture and Nut Production in the SoutheastTennessee2016Graduate Student
GeneralMissouri Agroforestry Summer Institutes: High School Educator Training for Curriculum DeliveryMissouri2016Professional Development Program
SilvopastureTopographical Contour Measurement and Water Management Earthworks for Ecologically Restorative Edible Silvopasture PlantingWisconsin2016Farmer/Rancher
General2018 University of Guam PDP ProjectGuam2017PDP State Program
GeneralBreadfruit Agroforestry for Pacific Island RevilitizationHawaii2017Professional Development Program
SilvopastureGrowing Grasses and Legumes under Spruce/White Pine for Grazing Cows in a Silvopasture SettingWisconsin2017Farmer/Rancher
GeneralPacific IslandsGuam2017Matching Grants Program
GeneralSuccessful Cacao Establishment through Improved Soil ManagementHawaii2017Professional Development Program
GeneralAggregation and Cooperative Marketing opportunities for Enhancing Chestnut (Castanae spp.) Production and ConservationPennsylvania2018Farmer/Rancher
GeneralAgricultural Conservation Leasing Guide Education SeriesMaryland2018Professional Development Program
GeneralAgroforestry Education Using the Collective Experience of Pioneer FarmersWisconsin2018Partnership
GeneralCEFS Long-term Systems Research: Providing the Building Blocks for Resilient Food Production Systems Phase IIINorth Carolina2018Research and Education
SilvopastureComparative Benefits of using Chicken Tractors in Banana Plantations in American SamoaAmerican Samoa2018Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureConditioning Sheep to Avoid Koa Foilage: An Opportunity for Productive Silvopasteres in HawaiiHawaii2018Graduate Student
Forest FarmingConservation Biological Control of Coffee Berry Borer by Applying Nitrogen Fixing Tree Mulch to Enhance Indigenous Entomopathogenic NematodesHawaii2018Graduate Student
GeneralConverting tree nut byproducts into gourmet mushrooms and mulchesCalifornia2018Farmer/Rancher
GeneralCover Crops in Woody Ornamental Production: Impact on Plant Growth, Arthropod Pests, Soil-Borne Pathogens and WeedsTennessee2018Research and Education
GeneralDoes More Diverse Plant Architecture in Pollinator Habitats Influence Native Pollinator and Beneficial Insect Abundance and Diversity?Washington2018Farmer/Rancher
GeneralEffectiveness of Mixed Perennial Groundcovers in Establishing Hazelnut Hedgerow Systems in the NortheastMassachusetts2018Farmer/Rancher
GeneralEvaluating Native American Hazelnuts for Use as Cold Hardy Pollenizers in European Hazelnut OrchardsNew Jersey2018Graduate Student
GeneralEvaluating Sweet Sorghum and Poultry Alley Cropping in Agroforestry as an Economical and Sustainable Alternatives to Tobacco cropsKentucky2018Farmer/Rancher
Forest FarmingHarvesting Sap and Producing Syrup From Trees Other Than Maples, Birches, and WalnutsNew Hampshire2018Graduate Student
GeneralImpact of Mulches on Management of Spotted Wing Drosophila, Fruit Yield and QualityWisconsin2018Graduate Student
Riparian Forest BufferImproving Ground Cover Selection and Competition Management in the Establishment of Productive Riparian Agricultural BuffersMassachusetts2018Partnership
GeneralMontana Hardy Fruit Nutraceutical QualityMontana2018Graduate Student
Riparian Forest BufferNative Perennial Grasses in Multifunctional Riparian Buffers for Improving Water Quality and Farm ProfitabilityPennsylvania2018Graduate Student
SilvopasturePasture Versus Invasives: Competing in Newly-Disturbed Soil under a Newly-Opened Canopy Transitioning to SilvopastureWisconsin2018Farmer/Rancher
GeneralPotential for Shake and Catch Harvesting of HazelnutsOregon2018Farmer/Rancher
GeneralRotation of Animals Through an Apple Orchard For Pest and Disease Suppression, Soil Improvement, and the Addition of Viable Revenue StreamsWisconsin2018Farmer/Rancher
WindbreakSupporting Natural Enemies of the Cabbage Aphid with Hedgerow PlantingsUtah2018Partnership
SilvopastureTree Leaf Fodder for Livestock: Transitioning Farm Woodlots to 'Air Meadow' for Climate ResilienceMaine2018Farmer/Rancher
Forest FarmingVermont Maple in Every School ProjectVermont2018Partnership
SilvopastureA Comprehensive Exploration Of Targeted Grazing With GoatsIndiana2019Farmer/Rancher
Forest FarmingAdvancing Walnut Syrup Production for Increased Profitability and Farm Income DiversificationWest Virginia2019Partnership
GeneralAgroforestry Management for Tropical and Subtropical Agroforestry Systems: Management guide and practical workshopsPuerto Rico2019Professional Development Program
GeneralAnalysis of the Antioxidant Qualities of Flowers and Fruits of Several Commercial Varieties of Sambucus nigra ssp. Canadensis (The North American Black Elderberry) in FloridaFlorida2019Farmer/Rancher
GeneralBiological Control of Chestnut WeevilNew York2019Partnership
GeneralBreadfruit Disease Identification and Varietal Resistance in Hawai‘iHawaii2019Partnership
GeneralComparing Bird Deterrent Strategies to Increase Sustainability and Production of Fruit Crops in HawaiiHawaii2019Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureCortisol as an Indicator of Stress in Animals Under Different Grazing SystemsVirginia2019Graduate Student
Forest FarmingCultivating a morel mushroom industry in the North Central United StatesMichigan2019Research and Education
GeneralDevelop an efficient fruit handling system for elderberriesMissouri2019Partnership
GeneralDevelopment of a Carbon Farming Plan through Assessment of Tree/Shrub Agroforestry Data for Increased Production, Resource Valuation, Carbon Sequestration and Related Ecosystem BenefitsMissouri2019Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureDrill-seeding blue oak acorns: a new method for restoration in California’s rangelandsCalifornia2019Farmer/Rancher
GeneralEffects of Subsurface Micro-irrigation on Water Use Efficiency and Hazelnut Tree GrowthOregon2019Farmer/Rancher
Alley CroppingEnhancing berry farm profitability through perennial alley cropsIllinois2019Farmer/Rancher
GeneralEstablishing a Network of Agroforestry Research & Demonstration FarmsIllinois2019Research and Education
WindbreakExamining the role of shelterbelts (tree plantings) on early-season honey production and hive growth of honeybees in the North Central Region (NCR)North Dakota2019Research and Education
GeneralExpanding Markets for Lesser Known Perennial Crops Through the Craft Beverage IndustryWisconsin2019Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureFeasibility of Integrating Sheep into Vermont Vineyards: An Initial Look at Ecologic and Economic BenefitsVermont2019Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureForage Establishment and Management in Arkansas’ Silvopasture for Small Beef ProducersArkansas2019Research and Education
Alley Cropping, SilvopastureGrazing Sheep in an Upper Midwest Vineyard to Control VegetationMinnesota2019Farmer/Rancher
Forest FarmingGrowing the Specialty Mushroom Industry in the NortheastMassachusetts2019Research and Education
GeneralHazelnut-Finished Pork in the Upper Midwest: A New High-Value Product From A Sustainable Production SystemIowa2019Partnership
SilvopastureHolistic Forestry, Vegetables, and Small Livestock Production that Eradicates Invasive Species and Exposes Consumers to Sustainable AgricultureIndiana2019Farmer/Rancher
Alley CroppingHoney Plant Intercropping on Christmas Tree FarmsConnecticut2019Farmer/Rancher
Alley CroppingImplementation of Biointensive Organic Production Principles in Agroforestry Systems: An examination of efficacious cultivated berry and vegetable production in temperate forests through alley cropping and companion plantingArkansas2019Farmer/Rancher
Forest FarmingImportance of Environmental Factors on Plantings of Wild-Simulated American GinsengConnecticut2019Graduate Student
Riparian Forest BufferLand and Water Stewardship Training for Livestock OwnersWashington2019Research and Education
GeneralMeasuring Soil Health and Carbon Sequestration in an Emerging Chestnut Agroforestry SystemMassachusetts2019Partnership
Riparian Forest BufferMycoremediation of Phosphorus in Agricultural Runoff using Mycorrhizal-Plant AssociationsVermont2019Partnership
GeneralNew England Cider Apple Program: Optimizing Production for High-Value MarketsVermont2019Research and Education
GeneralPerformance of novel clonal cacao accessions in Hawaii under sustainable farming conditionsHawaii2019Farmer/Rancher
Riparian Forest BufferPermaculture Pond RestorationOhio2019Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureProfessional Development Program for Silvopasture AdoptionMinnesota2019Professional Development Program
GeneralQuantifying Nutritional Value and Best Practices for Woody Fodder Management in Ruminant Grazing SystemsNew York2019Farmer/Rancher
GeneralReducing tree decline of Casuarina equisetifolia in Guam through replacement of bacterial wilt infected trees and research into the bacterial microbiomes of trees and associated termitesGuam2019Research and Education
SilvopastureRegenerative Grazing to Mitigate Climate ChangeNorth Carolina2019Research and Education
Forest FarmingSpawning a Network of Northeast Mushroom Educators Serving Urban and Rural Farmer AudiencesNew York2019Professional Development Program
Alley CroppingSustainable orchard intensification: Cover crops and management intensityCalifornia2019Graduate Student
Forest FarmingSustaining the Sugar Bush in a Tribal Community to Educate, Reduce Fuel Usage and Increase Marketable Maple Sap ProductsMinnesota2019Farmer/Rancher
GeneralTagasaste: a new feed source for West TexasTexas2019Farmer/Rancher
GeneralTesting aged manure for enhanced soil health and tree establishment in a pioneer chestnut orchardMichigan2019Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureThe Establishment of Native Plant Species for Livestock Forage and Wildlife Habitat in Silvopasture SystemsMissouri2019Graduate Student
Forest Farming, SilvopastureTree Regeneration and Establishment Strategies in Silvopasture and Sugarbush SystemsConnecticut2019Farmer/Rancher
Forest FarmingUsing Maple Sugarbush Management Practices to Increase Walnut Syrup ProductionKentucky2019Farmer/Rancher
GeneralWiconi Waste Resistance Farm a Lakota regenerative agroforestry permaculture demonstration farmSouth Dakota2019Farmer/Rancher
Alley CroppingWild crop relatives and landrace cover crops for arid-land vineyardsArizona2019Farmer/Rancher
GeneralA Single-Row Mechanical Nut Planter for Nut and Hardwood PlantationsWisconsin2020Farmer/Rancher
Forest FarmingDesigning and Building Centrifuges to Clarify Maple and Walnut SyrupWest Virginia2020Research and Education
GeneralDeveloping a market for locally-adapted organic fruiting plants in St. LouisMissouri2020Farmer/Rancher
GeneralEffect of Container Depth on Taprooted Seedling Root Morphology & Maine2020Farmer/Rancher
General, WindbreakEnhancing hedgerow systems in fruit tree production to improve beneficial insect diversity and abundanceFlorida2020Research and Education
GeneralExpanding Small-scale Sustainable Agroforestry Demonstration Plots in the Western PacificGuam2020Research and Education
Alley Cropping, GeneralGrowing Seedlings and Skills for Agroforestry: integration of woody seedling and annual productionOhio2020Farmer/Rancher
GeneralIncreasing utility of native stands of persimmonsMissouri2020Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureInvestigating the Potential of Woodland Silvopasture Systems: Prevalence, Practices, Perceptions and PerformanceMissouri2020Research and Education
Forest FarmingQuantifying the capacity of Wine Cap mushroom cultivation to enhance soil health, improve vegetable crop value and increase farmer profitabilityWisconsin2020Farmer/Rancher
Scaling up on-farm drying equipment for elderflower and other perennial herbs in the Upper MidwestMinnesota2020Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureSilvopasture for poultry production with outdoor access: impact on animal welfare, economic, and environmental parametersVirginia2020Research and Education
SilvopastureSilvopasture Pilot Project, Lancaster CountyPennsylvania2020Research and Education
SilvopastureSustainable Silvopasture Hog Production Compared to Drylot SystemNebraska2020Farmer/Rancher
GeneralThe Agroforestry Apprenticeship Program: On-farm and online training for the next generation of agroforestry farmersIllinois2020Partnership
GeneralDeveloping and promoting woodland pawpaw production practices to improve fruit yield and qualityOhio2021Research and Education
Alley CroppingEcological and Economic Impacts of Transition to an Apple/Hay Agroforestry SystemWashington2021Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureEconomics of SilvopastureMinnesota2021Professional Development Program
GeneralEvaluating the Impacts of Conservation Stewardship Plantings on Arthropod Communities in Louisiana AgroecosystemsLouisiana2021Graduate Student
Forest FarmingExotic Wild Mushroom Outdoor CultivationNew Jersey2021Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureExploratory study for silvopasture adoption among Hispanic beef producersMissouri2021Graduate Student
Forest FarmingIncreasing the Product Supply of Ramps via Enhanced PlantingsWest Virginia2021Partnership
Forest Farming, WindbreakInvestigating the Ecological Impact of Pairing Agroforestry Establishment with Biochar ProductionIllinois2021Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureNatural Fly Control on Rotational Grazing SilvopasturesMissouri2021Farmer/Rancher
GeneralNew and Beginning Farmer Regenerative Agriculture Fellowship ProgramOhio2021Partnership
Production and Value-Added Processing of Cultivated and Wild-Harvested Elderberries in West VirginiaWest Virginia2021Partnership
Forest FarmingReading the Woods: Training West Virginia Agricultural Service Providers on Non-Timber Forest ProductsWest Virginia2021Professional Development Program
Forest Farming, Riparian Forest BufferSycamore Syrup: Generating Farm Income and Protecting Riparian Zones in West VirginiaWest Virginia2021Partnership
Forest FarmingTapping New Forest Farming Opportunities in Central Appalachia Through Black Walnut Syrup ProductionVirginia2021Research and Education
SilvopastureTesting Virtual Fence Technology in an Upper Midwestern Goat Grazing OperationWisconsin2021Farmer/Rancher
Alley CroppingThe Creation of Two Alley Cropping Demonstration Sites as Case Studies on Massachusetts FarmsMassachusetts2021Partnership
Forest FarmingThe Northeast Forest Farmers Coalition: Building a Community of PracticeConnecticut2021Research and Education
Alley CroppingTraining MS Farmers and Producers with Alternative Farming Practices Including IntercroppingMississippi2021Research and Education
Alley CroppingAgroecological and Climate Smart Crop Production to Enhance Urban AgricultureDistrict of Columbia2022PDP State Program
GeneralAgroforestry Production of Rare Medicinal Herbs in New HampshireNew Hampshire2022Farmer/Rancher
GeneralAgroforestry Transition Hub: Education and On-farm Research to Advance Agroforestry for Climate Resilience for Northeast FarmersNew Hampshire2022Research and Education
GeneralClonal Production of Hybrid Chestnuts via Stool Bed Layering to Improve Overall Orchard QualityNew York2022Farmer/Rancher
GeneralCultivating mushrooms and producing soil amendments using underutilized waste materials to increase profitability in an agroforestry systemIllinois2022Farmer/Rancher
Riparian Forest BufferDesigning Multifunctional Buffers to Improve Farm Viability in the Berkshire-Taconic Region of MA, NY, and CTMassachusetts2022Professional Development Program
GeneralDetermining the Effect of Tree Pruning and Nutritional Inputs on a Neglected Chestnut OrchardMaryland2022Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureEffects of using ducks as biological control to manage weeds and pests within an orchard crop systemOregon2022Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureEfficient Leaf-dense Tree/Shrub Silage Production from Field Edges: Climate-resilient Winter Forage Supplement for Cattle, Sheep, and GoatsMaine2022Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureEstablishing Willow and Poplar Tree Fodder Blocks for Resilient Livestock Feed and Flood Mitigation in a Silvopasture Riparian BufferNew York2022Farmer/Rancher
Forest FarmingFarming the Forest: Empowering youth to nourish our community through hands-on agroforestryOhio2022Youth Educator
Improving the Cost-Efficacy of Silvopasture Establishment in the SoutheastTennessee2022Farmer/Rancher
GeneralMitigation of Breadfruit Orchard Establishment Challenges in Hawaiʻi: Assessing Best Practices to Address Weed Management and Ungulate ControlHawaii2022Farmer/Rancher
SilvopasturePromoting farm sustainability with complementary intercropping of English walnut, peaches, and sheep pasturelandMichigan2022Farmer/Rancher
GeneralRed Mulberry Search and Rescue: Preserving Genetic Diversity for the Future of Sustainable AgroforestryOhio2022Farmer/Rancher
GeneralScaling Northeastern Agroforestry using a Farmer-centered Field Consultancy ModelVermont2022Research and Education
SilvopastureScaling Regenerative Agriculture Coordinated Education and OutreachMinnesota2022Partnership
Alley CroppingSolving the Agroforestry Cash Flow Gap: Intercropping Short Term Cash Crops During Tree Crop EstablishmentNew York2022Farmer/Rancher
GeneralThe Use of Biochar in Agroforestry to Promote Soil Microbial Health, Tree Productivity, and Carbon SequestrationNew York2022Research and Education
Forest FarmingTruffle-Hardwood Orchard Development: A New Agro-Forestry Product for IndianaIndiana2022Farmer/Rancher
GeneralValue Adding Culinary Chestnut Seconds Through the Development of a Marketable Fine FlourOhio2022Partnership
Riparian Forest BufferWater Quality Effects of Multifunctional Working Buffers for Seasonally Wet FarmlandWashington2022Research and Education
Forest FarmingA Three-Pronged Strategy to Equitably Provide Planting Stock to Forest Farmers: Propagation Training, Seed Exchange, and Working with Wild HarvestersConnecticut2023Research and Education
Alley Cropping, Forest FarmingAdapting Brazilian Syntropic Farming Practices to Integrated High-Conservation-Value Nut Tree Species in PennsylvaniaPennsylvania2023Farmer/Rancher
GeneralAdvancing black walnut syrup production through research and report on optimal tapping practices and promotion of findings at a field dayIndiana2023Farmer/Rancher
GeneralAgroforestry Training and Resources for Natural Resource Professionals in Washington and OregonOregon2023Professional Development Program
Alley CroppingAlley cropping agroforestry as a climate change resiliency strategy for vegetable production in the southeastern USTennessee2023Research and Education
GeneralBreeding a Cold-Hardy, Non-Astringent Hybrid Persimmon CultivarMissouri2023Farmer/Rancher
GeneralBuilding Community Capacity to Increase Agroforestry Tree Planting through Participatory Listening Sessions, Training, and Peer-to-Peer NetworksNew York2023Research and Education
GeneralCharacterizing Chestnut 'Cure' as a Function of Time, Temp & RH, Based on Nut Size, Color and ShapeNorth Carolina2023Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureEcofriendly Management of Silvopastures for PigsNorth Carolina2023Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureEconomically Viable Method of Raising Surplus Saanen Dairy Goat Billies as Meat Goats by Using Them as Brush GoatsMissouri2023Farmer/Rancher
Alley Cropping, Forest Farming, General, Riparian Forest Buffer, Silvopasture, WindbreakEstablishing a Professional Agroforestry Certification and Learning Network for Education and ExchangeMissouri2023Professional Development Program
Forest FarmingEstablishing domestic vanilla cultivation in southern Florida, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin IslandsFlorida2023Research and Education
Forest FarmingExpanding Organic, Ecological, Regenerative Christmas Tree Agroforestry in MaineMaine2023Farmer/Rancher
GeneralExpanding the Agroforestry Regional Knowledge (ARK) Exchange Network in VirginiaVirginia2023Professional Development Program
GeneralFarmer to Farmer Agroforestry Guidebook for the NortheastMassachusetts2023Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureFencing in Silvopasture for Sheep and Goat Production Across MissouriMissouri2023Partnership
GeneralGuam 3 Year State Professional Development Program Plan FY2024-2026Guam2023PDP State Program
SilvopastureIncreasing Financial Sustainability on the Farm by Employing Moringa as a Drought Tolerant, Cost-Reducing Lamb Feed SupplementTexas2023Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureIntegrating cover crops and sheep grazing in almond orchardsCalifornia2023Farmer/Rancher
Forest Farming, SilvopastureMuka-- Tree Hay as an Alternative Livestock FeedMaine2023Farmer/Rancher
GeneralNative Cover Cropping in Hazelnut OrchardsOregon2023Graduate Student
GeneralNative Floral and Culinary Perennials: A Guide for Specialty Crop Production, Agroforestry Systems, and Diverse LandscapesMissouri2023Farmer/Rancher
GeneralNortheast Kiwiberries: Jumpstarting a Regional Industry via Participatory Evaluation of Advanced Breeding SelectionsNew Hampshire2023Research and Education
Organic Agroforestry Knowledge Diffusion: Documenting and sharing best practices on demonstration farms through on-farm education and trainingWisconsin2023Research and Education
GeneralPilot Testing of Raw Elderberry Vinegar Production Feasibility for Small FarmsMissouri2023Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureProfitably and Sustainably Converting Underutilized Forested Areas to Fertile Perennial Silvopasture Systems Using SwinePennsylvania2023Farmer/Rancher
GeneralPull-Type Hazelnut Combine DevelopmentWisconsin2023Farmer/Rancher
Forest FarmingRamp Sustainability Trial - Replanting Root PlatesPennsylvania2023Farmer/Rancher
SilvopastureSeedless Leucaena hybrids for sustainable silvopasture systemsHawaii2023Research and Education
SilvopastureSilvoPro: A Training Program for Silvopasture ProfessionalsPennsylvania2023Professional Development Program
SilvopastureSustainability outcomes of integrated sheep vineyards systemsCalifornia2023Research and Education
GeneralThe Taino: Can The Indigenous Agricultural Methods of Puerto Rico Feed the Island and Potentially Mitigate Climate Change?Puerto Rico2023Graduate Student
Forest Farming, GeneralYoung Tree Farmers CampSouth Carolina2023Research and Education

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