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Website Update

As you may have noticed, our website has been updated. We are excited to share this update with you! We have worked to make this website easier to navigate and more accessible to all.

Important Highlights

  • The website is now responsive which should make the user experience more enjoyable across all devices.
  • The site has been updated to meet accessibility standards (
  • We’ve tightened up the primary navigation menu guide to users to content more easily.
  • We've updated how our publications and resources are displayed on each page
    • Each publication is displayed as a card. Each card indicates the publication type, shows a thumbnail of the publication, displays the title, and provides a download link. If the publication can be requested, an 'order' link is also provided. When multiple publications are displayed, by default they are sorted by reverse chronological order of their publication year.
    • We've integrated technology transfer and research publications so that users can see all of the publications the USDA National Agroforesty Center has available for a specific practice or topic.
    • The 'Request Publications' page has been updated to allow users to more easily order the publications they want.

It’s a Work in Progress

Our work doesn't stop here! Because some of the structure has changed you may find some URLs have changed.

If you have bookmarked pages from our site or have linked to our site content, you may need to update those links. We have created redirects where possible.

We’ve worked hard to launch a site that makes it easier to locate information. That said, with an update this large we anticipate some issues. Contact us if you have feedback or suggestions. Going forward, we will continue to add new content and update existing information as needed.

Site Content

Content Updates

We've updated the content that appears on each of the pages and added images so that users can obtain a better understanding of agroforestry concepts.

New Topics

In addition to expanding content, we've added pages to our site that highlight some of the work the USDA National Agroforestry Center is doing and provide additional topics to consider. Please take a moment to orient yourself by visiting the site map and see how these additional pages fit in to the structure of our website

Contact Us

If you are looking for specific information and are unable to locate it, please contact us for assistance. If you would like to provide feedback and/or suggestions on our updated website, please let us know.