Allegheny National Forest Projects

Allegheny National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Marienville ATV Connector

Construct approximately 12.1 miles of two way ATV trail from Township Road 356 in Warrant 3184 Jenks Township, Forest County to the Marienville ATV Trailhead on State Route 66 in Warrant 2464, Howe Township, Forest County.

Morrison Trail Improvements

This project proposes to add two new trail links - totaling approximately 3.4 miles - to the Morrison Trail System.

Under Analysis

Bradford Forest Restoration Project

Regenerate declining stands of Allegheny hardwood through tree harvesting and reforestation activities,removal of nonnative invasive plants, and road management activities.

Cherry Run

The Forest Service, Allegheny National Forest (ANF) proposes the Cherry Run Project to improve forest health, streams and fisheries, and wildlife habitat within the 7,578 acre project area, within Sheffield Township, Warren County, Pennsylvania.


Proposed management activities include vegetation treatments, timber harvesting, wildlife habitat improvements, non-native invasive plant species treatments, transportation activities, and recreation improvements.

Penelec First Energy Special Use Renewal

Reissue six expired special use permits authorizing approximately 68.6 miles of electric transmission lines, electric distribution lines, and related facilities. If approved, the permits will be consolidated into 2 permits issued for a 30 year term.

Analysis Completed

FR136/FR343 Road Relocation and Wetland Restoration

Realign FR136 and FR343 to eliminate several stream crossings by realigning 2.1 miles of road, reconstructing 0.4 miles of existing road, decommissioning 2.9 miles of road, and restoring 120 linear feet of stream channels and 0.55 acres of wetlands.

Hoover Project

The project would address forest health issues, improve early successional habitat objectives, treat non-native invasive plants, improve fishery stream habitat, improve transportation systems, and provide improved recreation opportunities.

Pine Bear Supplemental Environmental Assessment

The Forest Service is proposing to change the previous thinning prescriptions of the 62 stands listed to shelterwood regeneration or overstory removal harvests, with associated reforestation activities, and regenerate several wind damaged stands.

On Hold

Apex Resources Special Use Permit Reissue

To issue a new special use authorization to Apex Resources, Incorporated to replace four currently expired authorizations for buried natural gas pipelines

Tracy Ridge Shared Use Trails and Plan Amendment Project

This project would allow mountain biking on approximately 12.5 miles of hiking trails in the Tracy Ridge National Recreation Area. The Forest Plan would be amended, and an order prohibiting bicycle use would be modified.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.