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Schedule of Proposed Action (SOPA)

The Forest Service now has an online, web-based SOPA located on the national website. This program will allow anyone with access to a computer to view all SOPAs produced at all forests within the agency.

The current SOPA Report contains a list of proposed actions that will begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation. If you need assistance or have questions and comments regarding projects listed, please contact the person listed in the project description or contact the Forest Environmental Coordination, Chinling Chen, at (626) 574-5255 or email at


Click on the following link for current and past Angeles Quarterly SOPA Reports.

National Forest SOPA Website

For access to all SOPA reports, click on the National SOPA Website link to begin your search.

Angeles National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Under Analysis

Administrative Sites Defense Zones Project

ANF proposes to improve and maintain defense zones for administrative sites. Sites include recreation residences, communication sites, and campgrounds that currently lack adequate defensible space for protection from unwanted effects of wildfire.

Angeles Crest Highway Fuels Reduction Project

ANF is proposing to reduce fire risk, and create a safe transportation route along the Angeles Crest highway. Design features will be included to minimize and avoid effects to resources.

Blue Ridge Communication Site Inc. Tower Replacement

Permit seeker proposes to construct a new 120 foot communication tower to upgrade and replace an existing tower and add cement pads to accommodate the future pre-fabricated equipment buildings and additional tenants utilizing the site.

Forest-Wide Fuelbreak Maintenance Strategy

Forest-Wide Fuelbreak Maintenance Strategy

Golden State Water Co. - Sheep Creek Canyon Tank

Issue new special use permit and then determine whether to amend special use authorization to replace and increase amount of storage from 25,000 gallons to 150,000 gallons.

Goldspotted Oak Borer (GSOB) Management Across At Risk Areas (M.A.A.R.A.)

Having a GSOB treatment plan based on topography, road distance, recreational uses, special uses, and a corresponding site-specific management plan is critical to the rapid assessment and treatment of newly discovered infestations.

LADWP Adelanto Toluca Line and Road Maintenance

LADWP is seeking a permit to replace 6 miles of damaged conductors, repair wires on the Adelanto-Toluca transmission line in a post-fire environment.

San Gabriel River Confluence With Cattle Canyon Improvements Project

The Project was developed to better manage the recreation use and balance the needs for resource protection. The project site encompasses an approximate 2.5-mile reach of the East Fork of the San Gabriel River

Williamson Rock and Pacific Crest Trail

A proposal to provide limited recreational access to a critical wildlife habitat area, with seasonal and long term closures, a user permit system, and construction of a trail, trail bridge, and minor improvements to staging areas and trailheads.

Analysis Completed

Powerhouse Veg/Fuels Reduction Project and Sawmill Liebre Reforestation Project

The first Project aims to use various forestry techniques to remove excessive fuel loads and improve forest health primarily on the ridgetops of the Sawmill and Liebre Mountains. The second project plans to reforest conifer and oak forestland.

On Hold

San Francisquito Canyon Creek Aquatic Organism Passage Barrier Projects

The purpose and need are to restore Aquatic Organism Passage along the San Francisquito Canyon Creek and improve aquatic habitat for aquatic organisms (T&E species). ANF proposed to replace existing road culverts at road crossings.


Big Oaks Lodge Permit Reissuance

The Forest Service is proposing to reissue a 5 year permit for Big Oaks Lodge. The new permit is for operating and maintaining a resort, including food service, retail sales, and other ancillary facilities.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.