The Projects page shows current and proposed projects on the Black Hills National Forest for watershed restoration, habitat improvement, recreation sites, timber sales, roads, and more. Projects on the Black Hills National Forest follow guidelines under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This was signed into law on January 1, 1970.

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Black Hills National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

2019 Black Hills Energy Utility Line Rebuilds

Replacement of poles and utility lines along two corridors on the Northern Hills Ranger District. The Maitland corridor is located 4 miles south of Spearfish, SD and the Tinton corridor stretches from Savoy, SD to the area west of Iron Creek Lake.

Cook Lake Recreation Facility Maintenance

Maintenance activities at the recreation facility to enhance long-term functionality of the Cook Lake dam and increase public safety at the facility and in downstream areas.

Phoenix 42 Placer Mining Project

Mining will consist of trenches approximately 150 ft. long x 50 ft. wide x 10 ft. deep. Gravels from the trenches will e processed through a trommel. Initially 5 yards of ore will be processed per hour. Mining will be conducted 10-12 hours per day.

RNA and BA Mineral Withdrawal

Proposed withdrawal of research natural areas and botanical areas from mineral entry. Necessary part of RNA designation process. Forest Service recommendation to BLM, who makes the decision. Project not subject to the objection process.

Rushmore Connector Trail Project

The State of South Dakota has applied for a permit to construct, operate and maintain a 14-mile non-motorized trail across the Forest connecting the Mickelson Trail to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. The decision would amend Forest Plan direction.

Tinton Trail Addition to Non-motorized Trail System

The Tinton trail is an existing, single track trail that crosses approximately 46 miles of NFS land. The trail is currently an unofficial trail. The trail would be designated as an official NFS trail and marked as such on the ground and in brochures.

Analysis Completed

2016 ATV Recreation Events

Off Road Riders has requested special use permits for a series of ATV events to be held on authorized motorized trails on the Northern Hills and Mystic Ranger Districts during the summer of 2016. These permits would be valid for one year.

2016 Snowmobile Trail Reroutes

Reroutes of snowmobile trails 1, 2A and 7 to alleviate safety concerns and to mitigate impacts to some trails from planned logging activities.

2017 Snowmobile Trail Reroutes

Reroute/maintenance of three snowmobile trails to address safety and resource concerns.

2018 Days of 76 Wagon Train Special Use Permit

The Days of 76 Wagon Train occurs every other year. The wagon train follows Forest roads that are open to the public. This year's route begins in Wyoming and travels east and north to Deadwood. Overnight camp sites are located on private land.

2018 Northern Hills Fat Bike Trails

Over the snow grooming of fat bike trails across the Northern Hills Ranger District for use during the 2018/2019 winter season (December 15 through March 31, depending on snow conditions).

BHSU Rockclimbing Competition

The BHSU rockclimbing club has requested a 1 year permit to conduct a rockclimbing competition on established routes on the Sunshine Wall near Cheyenne Crossing, SD.

Black Hills Resilient Landscapes Project

Fuel reduction, timber harvest, thinning, and other activities to increase ecosystem resilience, contribute to economy, and reduce risk of wildfire and insect infestation; Forest Plan amendment.

Black Hills State University Climbing Competition

The BHSU rock climbing club (CRUX) has requested a one year temporary permit to conduct a rock climbing competition in Spearfish Canyon on established climbing routes near Savoy, SD.

Boxelder Creek Bridge Deck Replacement

Replacement of a concrete bridge deck located on FSR 140 across Boxelder Creek. The existing deck would be removed by crane and a new pre-fabricated concrete deck would be installed by crane. No work would occur in the creek.

Custer County Conservation District Sign renewal

Reissuance of a sign permit for the Custer County Conservation District.

Little Spearfish/Old Baldy Trail Maintenance

Maintenance of the Little Spearfish and Old Baldy trails, including installation of lead-off ditches to divert water from the trails and repair of the section of Little Spearfish trail through Ranger Draw, which was used for a recent timber sale.

Northern Hills Fat Bike Trails

Several existing trails across the NHRD have been proposed for winter use by fat bike riders. These trails would be groomed for fat bike use from December 1 through March 31, as snow conditions allow.

Steamboat Rock Fire Rings

Installation of ground fire rings at Steamboat Rock Picnic Ground to allow tent campers to build campfires.

Step Outdoors Outfitter and Guide Permit

Step Outdoors has requested a special use permit to guide up to 5 hikers on a hike of the entire length of the Centennial Trail, excluding the Norbeck Wildlife Preserve and Black Elk Wilderness. The hike would occur in early June.

Strawberry Hill Picnic Ground Tent Camping

Would allow for tent camping at Strawberry Hill Picnic Ground, which was historically a campground. Fire rings and picnic tables would be installed at tent sites.

Sundance to Spearfish Marathon Special Use Permit

The proponent has requested a one-year special use permit to conduct a marathon that would begin at Cement Ridge in WY and follow National Forest System roads and US Hwy 14 to the finish in Spearfish, SD.

On Hold

Mineral Mt. Resources Rochford Project

Mineral Mt. Resources is proposing an exploration drilling project in the Rochford Area. Mineral Mt. proposes to construct a total of 21 drill sites. Generally the drill pads will be approximately 25 ft. x 40 ft. The approx. disturbed area is 2 acres


Bear Lodge Project

Development of rare earth minerals mine. This project has been suspended.

Black Hills Gold Endurance Ride Permit Renewal

CANCELLED - REQUEST RESCINDED. The organizers of the Black Hills Gold Endurance ride, which is a competitive two-day horse endurance ride, have requested a new five-year special use permit to replace their existing permit, which is set to expire.

Craven Canyon Mineral Withdrawal

Proposal to withdraw about 3968 acres of NFS lands from mineral entry to protect cultural resources of significant interest within and surrounding Craven Canyon. Forest Service would issue a recommendation to BLM, who would take the action.

Devil's Bathtub Trail

Project canceled until land ownership issues can be resolved.

Gengler Road Use Permit

CANCELLED - REQUEST RESCINDED. Issuance of a road use permit to allow a private landowner to haul timber harvested from private land across National Forest System (NFS)land on a NFS road.

Off Road Riders Poker Runs Special Use Permit

Off Road Riders ATV club holds two poker runs each year in June and September. These events are held on motorized trails open to public use. The events have been held for several years under temporary permits. The club is seeking a five year permit.

Reuter Motorized Trail

Project not carried forward due to wildlife concerns. Do Not Publish on SOPA

Rocky Homeowners' Association Easement

FLPMA Private Road Easement to memebers of the Rocky Homeowners' Association

Tinton Trail Robison Gulch Reroute

Reroute of the Tinton trail in the Robison Gulch area to move the trail away from the creek bottom. The reroute would reduce the number of stream crossings and subsequent impacts to the creek.

White Elephant Mine Amendment

To amend the existing Plan of Operations for Pacer Corporation. Involves constructing an alterante access and loading area, reconstruct existing access. Some merchantable trees would need to be removed to clear the area.

Wolf Track Improvement District FLPMA Easement

FLPMA Private road easement issued to the Wolf Track Improvement District

Wonderland Cave SUP Amendment

This project would amend the special use permit for Wonderland Cave to allow the owners use of a National Forest System road to transport visitors from Vanocker Canyon Road to the cave.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.