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Lewis And Clark National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Boulder Baldy Project

The Boulder-Baldy Project would treat approximately 6,043 acres of vegetation using a combination of intermediate and regeneration harvest methods. Site preparation burning would be use in some units treated with regeneration harvest methods.

Coyote-Divide Vegetation Project

A Vegetation management project to reduce hazardous fuels and fire threat in portions of the WUI and enhance associated forest and rangeland ecosystems across the project area.

Under Analysis

Helena - Lewis and Clark National Forest Plan Revision

Forest Plan revision for the Helena and Lewis & Clark National Forests.

Hogback Lookout Disposal

Hogback Lookout has not been used in several years resulting in a deteriorated structure. A determination was made that Hogback Lookout is excess to Forest Service. This will include the relocation of the electrical service to a nearby radio tower.

Hogum Wildfire Resilience Project

The proposed project is to help restore and maintain the structure, function, composition and ecological connectivity of the forest system in order to increase resiliency to future natural disturbance events like wildfire, insects, and disease.

Judith-Musselshell Little Belts Thinning Project

This project will thin 7"dbh and under Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir with a preference of thinning Doug-Fir. This is a first step in returning the area to some similarities of its historical form. There would also be a reduction in ladder fuels.

Little Camas Placer

Little Camas Placer operation is located adjacent to Little Camas Creek in the Big Belt Mountains. The proposed activity will take place between June 2021 and September 2021. The proposal includes sampling 1 cubic yard at 11 different sites.

Northwest Divide Restoration

The Divide Travel Plan closed numerous travel routes within the project area. In order to fully implement the travel plan decision closed routes will be obliterated and rehabilitated in addition hazardous mines within the area will be closed

Analysis Completed

Benton Gulch Waterline

This waterline project will attach and extend approximately 150 feet to the private property boundary in Section 27. The proponent will use an excavator to dig a trench approximately 4-6 feet in depth, approximately 1-2 feet wide.

Castle Mountains Restoration Project

This restoration project has various silvicultural and prescribed burning treatments on approximately 22,00 acres, requiring road reconstruction and temporary road construction. There are no new permanent system roads proposed with this project.

Horsefly Vegetation Project

This vegetation project would improve forest health and landscape resiliency, reduce wildfire hazards, and provide wood products to local and regional economies.


Proposed activities are designed to address the components of developing, maintaining and improving forested conditions across the landscape by improving resiliency to disturbances while improving conditions for public and firefighter safety.

North Fork Blackfoot River Fish Restoration

Authorize pesticide use permit and use of normally prohibited activities in designated wilderness. Would allow fish treatment and stocking project by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks in Scapegoat Wilderness.

Stonewall Vegetation - Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

In August 2016 a ROD was completed. Wildfires in 2017 changed conditions in the area which now requires additional analysis. The new analysis is examining about 1500 acres of vegetation treatment, including 0.9 miles of temporary road.

Supplemental EA for Elk Smith

The purpose of the Elk Smith Project is to address fuel accumulation and continuity in the project area. The original EA for this project is project number 42680, which this analysis is supplementing.


Northwestern Energy - Porphyry Peak Communication Site

Issue a special use communication lease to NorthWestern Energy to authorization construction, use and maintenance of a shelter, tower and propane tank to house communication equipment at the existing communication site located on Porphyry Peak.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.