Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Developing Proposal

  • Boswell Road Realignment

    Re-align approximately 450 feet of the Boswell Road (an Albany County Road), from private lands to lands managed by the US Forest Service and State of Wyoming, to simplify management and reduce potential conflicts.

  • Britania Land Exchange

    Land-for-land exchange proposal

  • Charybdis 3D Seismic Survey Phase 2

    Geophysical 3-D seismic survey. Proponent is Devon Energy.

  • High Alpine Seasonal Road Closure Extensions

    Extend the seasonal wheeled-motorized vehicle closure dates or locations on several high alpine roads.

  • Lonetree Creek Utility Special Uses

    Buried electric power and produced-water lines, for oil and gas operations, and co-located temporary surface water line. Proponent is Devon Energy.

  • Mineral Material Contract Re-issuance at North Antelope Rochelle Mine

    Re-issuance of a mineral material contract to Peabody Powder River Mining, LLC for continued scoria mining operations at North Antelope Rochelle Mine.

  • Road use and water line - Continental Natural Resources

    Commercial road and water line uses and operation. Proponent is Continental Natural Resources.

  • West Fork Battle Creek Watershed Plan

    Evaluating a proposal to exchange about 1,762 acres of USFS-managed lands with up to about 4,400 acres managed by the State of Wyoming. Part of a larger NRCS-led project that could include a new reservoir, partly on lands currently managed by USFS.

Under Analysis

  • Amendment to Special Use Authorization for Telecommunication Line (R T COMMCTNS INC)

    Right-of-way to install a buried telecommunication conduit and connect to an existing telecommunication line to provide service to a nearby customer.

  • Amendments to Land Management Plans Regarding Sage-grouse Conservation

    The Forest Service is considering amending its land management plans to address new and evolving issues arising since implementing sage-grouse plans in 2015. This project is in cooperation with the USDI Bureau of Land Management.

  • Converse County Oil and Gas Project

    Oil and natural gas exploration and development. Approximately 4 percent of project area is on Thunder Basin NG. The lead agency of the EIS is the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service is a cooperating agency.

  • Mad Rabbit Trails Project

    Proposed trails changes and/or new trails construction, mostly in the Rabbit Ears Pass and Rocky Peak areas.

  • Mill Creek Ranch - Small Tracts Act Conveyance

    Land interchange between the Forest Service and Mill Creek Ranch under the Small Tracts Act. Each entity will convey 5 acres and acquire 5 acres. Project will resolve boundary line issues related to discrepancies found in the original land surveys.

  • Powerline Authorization for Black Hills Power Corporation

    Special use authorization for existing 230-kV and 69-kV electrical powerlines, including Wyodak-Hot Springs and Tekla-Osage-Rapid City lines.

  • Powerlines to Oil Well Pads in Clareton Oil Field

    Installation of buried electrical power lines along National Forest System Road 1258 and spur roads, which are not open to motorized public travel, to serve oil well pads in the Clareton Oil Field.

  • Removal of Trespass Pipeline

    Authorization of a right-of-way and reclamation activities to remove a recently installed crude oil pipeline that was not in operation. The pipeline was initially misaligned onto a parcel of the national grassland.

  • Renewal of Special Use Authorizations for RT Communications

    Issuance of new special use authorizations for a new term to replace expired authorizations.

  • Right-of-way Including National Forest System Trail 635 to Access Private Land

    Provision for access to private land across national forest approximately 1,100 feet distance using existing routes.

  • Road Use Authorization and Right of Way for Non-system Road Connecting to County Road 34

    Commercial road use of existing non-system road connecting County Road 34 (Jenney Trail Road) with private land.

  • Road Use Authorization for National Forest System Roads 925, 925.A, and 930 and Non-System Roads

    Commercial road use and maintenance and right-of-way authorization of existing system and non-system roads.

  • Special Use Authorization Amendment at North Antelope Rochelle Mine

    Addition of 220 acres to special use area at NARM. Proponent is Peabody Powder River Mining, LLC.

  • Yampa Pipeline Maintenance

    Restore Yampa Pipeline function by reconstructing spring box in a location approximately 100 feet downstream of existing spring box and reconnecting to the existing cistern

Analysis Completed

  • Buffalo Pass Road Reconstruction

    Maintenance and reconstruction to bring NFSR 60 up to standards. The proposal also addresses adverse effects of increased dispersed camping, which may be exacerbated by the road improvement.

  • Pittington Private Road (NFSR 634.2) Special Use Permit Reissuance

    Reissuance of a Special Use Permit for a 5-year term for use and maintenance of National Forest System Road 634.2 for access to private property.

On Hold

  • Paul Anderson Reconnaissance Survey - Accessing Unpatented Mineral Claims

    Reconnaissance survey and mapping in order to plan strategies for accessing mining claims in preparation for gold mining.

  • Wyoming Mines Geophysical Core Drilling - Phase II

    Take bedrock core samples from 19 separate locations (drill pads) to map area stratigraphy. Drills will take place on unpatented mineral claims. Wyoming Mines originally proposed five drill pads, and is requesting these additional locations.


  • Battle Mountain Prescribed Burn

    Prescribed burn to regenerate aspen in conifer-encroached aspen stands, re-introduce fire into a fire adapted ecosystem, and reduce continuous fuels near forest inholdings and perimeter.

  • CO National Guard Special Use Permit.

    Winter training operations over snow with motorized equipment.

  • Conditioning O&M Plans for Parks Platte River Ditch Bill Easements: Batch #1

    Conditioning of O&M Plans for six water facilities with Ditch Bill Easements.

  • Elk Park Road

    Develop a plan for the management of Elk Park Road in order to address soil and water resource concerns, while considering issues related to recreational use of the road.

  • Encampment Minerals Core Drilling - Muddy Mountain

    Encampment Minerals to drill three core samples for the purpose of minerals exploration. Cores will be 3.25 inches in diameter and range from 300 to 800 feet in length.

  • Encampment Minerals Core Drilling - Prospect Mountain

    Encampment Minerals proposes to drill six core samples for minerals exploration purposes. Cores will be 3.25 inches diameter and anywhere from 250 - 550 feet in length. Drilling area is accessed by one open public road and two decommissioned roads.

  • Green Rock Winter Parking Area

    Build a winter use only parking area to supplement current roadside parking in the Green Rock area of Scenic Byway Wyoming Highway 130.

  • Hazard Tree Management

    Hazard tree management for public health and safety primarily along roads, trails, and infrastructure.

  • HPBE MVUM Minor Changes

    OHVs would be allowed on FSR 400 from Seedhouse Campground east to FSR 443 (South Fork Rd). On FSR 110, OHVs would be allowed on the road from June 15 through December 1. Minor mapping errata corrections across the District will also be made.

  • Mount Werner Water and Sanitation Special Use Permit.

    Special use permit authorizing an existing water diversion facility and 125 feet of water pipeline/access to the facility.

  • NFSR 970 (Beaver Creek Road) Redesignation Project

    Possible redesignation of NFSR 970 from Level II road. Options being considered include motorized trail and non-motorized use. Purpose is to protect resources. A parking area is also being considered.

  • Power Line to Highland Flat Federal 34-34 Oil Well

    Authorization for an existing 1,970-foot 14.4kV distribution electrical overhead power line that provides service to several oil wells. The authorization would be for operation and maintenance of the power line and right-of-way.

  • Road use NFSR 925, 925A, and 930 (Keeline Road) and non-system road

    Project entry 61300 was canceled because a duplicate entry was made on the Schedule of Proposed Actions. Refer to project no. 63030 which is the same proposed action.

  • Sierra Madre Sheep

    Allotment Management Planning for 7 sheep allotments in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range on the Brush Creek/Hayden Ranger District of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest Thunder Basin National Grassland

  • Weston Area Coordinated Activity Management Plan

    Change in trail designation for travel management and other purposes in the Thunder Basin National Grassland-Spring Creek Unit. Multiple activities in coordination with Bureau of Land Management, Buffalo Resource Area.

  • Winter Non-Motorized Trail Development

    Designate existing non-system trail routes as system trails. Snowshoe routes will be designated as trails on Rabbit Ears Pass. A snowshoe/skiier loop near Dry Lake will be designated at Buffalo Pass.

  • Zirkel Wireless LLC Special Use Permit - Farwell Mtn

    Communications Use Permit to provide wireless internet services on Farwell Mountain Communications Site.

Project Archive

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