The Umatilla National Forest is involved in dozens of activities every year.

The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA), published quarterly, makes it easier for you to keep track of and participate in our planning efforts. It lists all the projects we will be working on in the coming months. There is a contact person listed for each project that you can get in touch with for additional information.

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Umatilla National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Blue Mountains Forest Resiliency Project

The Blue Mountains Forest Resiliency Project will propose thinning and prescribed burning on approximately 610,000 acres on the Ochoco, Umatilla and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests.

Ellis Integrated Vegetation Project

The Ellis Project is being developed to improve wildlife habitat, restore resiliency against insect/disease and wildfire, protect values at risk, provide timber products, and enhance public and traditional land uses.

Glass Restoration Project

Approximately 2,308 acres of commercial mechanical treatments are proposed, along with 2,755 acres of small diameter hand thinning. All treatments would have a restoration focus and both lumber and chip materials would be produced.

Ragged Ruby

The project includes a suite of activities to restore forest resiliency and function, including: upland restoration activities; watershed, fisheries, and wildlife restoration; prescribed burning; road activities; and recreation system changes.

Tollgate Recreation Residence #1 Storage Shed Project

Cabin owners have requested to build a storage shed on their lot to store firewood, maintenance supplies and other materials including snow mobiles. Shed would be 10-ft X 13-ft.

Upper Pataha Project

The Upper Pataha Project proposes to reduce risk and mitigate insects and disease infestation in the Pataha Creek Sub-Watershed by lowering densities and altering species composition through commercial and non-commercial harvest.

Upper Touchet Vegetation Management Project

Vegetation management Project with Recreation and WUI components

Willoughby Urban Interface Protection Project

The purpose is to provide a safe working environment for firefighters and to improve probability of success in protecting life and property in the event of a wildfire within or threatening the values at risk.

Analysis Completed

Danger Tree Removal 32 Road

A number of trees have been identified under the criteria for danger trees along the 32 Road. These trees must be removed for human safety and protection of infrastructure. Trees will be used on aquatic restoration.

Forestwide Aquatic Restoration

Aquatic restoration on public and private lands within the boundary of the UNF and/or adjacent lands in boundary-spanning 5th HUC watersheds where restoration activities would benefit or help achieve Forest Service aquatic restoration goals.

Hidaway Mine Plan of Operations EA

Expansion of current exploration pits to a maximum of 30 ft wide by 25 ft deep using hand tools & limited mechanical equipment. Use of an existing closed road & shelter. Placement of an outhouse. Limited use of a spring for hand-washing of rock.

Little Phillips Creek Culvert Removal Project

Remove the culvert on Forest Road 3734 over Little Phillips Creek. Decommission approx. 0.7 miles of FR 3734, and re-open approx. 1 mile of FR 3734 that is currently closed.

Sunrise Vegetation and Fuels Management

Timber harvest, other tree cutting activities and fuels treatments to move conditions to desired levels and/or ranges. Utilize existing road system except, 11 miles of temp road, of which utilizes 9 miles on existing road templates.

Ten Cent Community Wildfire Protection Project

This fuels reduction project is located within the Granite Creek Watershed on the Umatilla and Wallowa-Whitman National forests and is located in Grant County, Oregon.

On Hold

Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision

The revised Land Management Plans (Forest Plans) for the Malheur, Umatilla, and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests (Blue Mountains) provide an updated framework to guide the management of approximately 5.5 million acres of National Forest System lands.

Bull Prairie Fuel Reduction

Reduce fuel loading and improve stand conditions in the area surrounding Bull Prairie Campground and adjacent to Morrow County OHV Park. Proposal includes one 70 acre timber sale, small diameter thinning, and up to 4,300 acres of prescribed fire.

Mountain Top Defensible Space

This project is designed to increase site distance of the Madison and Tamarack fire detection lookouts and reduce the risk of loss of improvements (lookout towers and communication systems) due to wildfire.

Penland Lake Campground Road Maintenance

The upper part of Penland Lake campground has multiple roads to various campsites. This project would grade and rock existing road in the upper campground and better define associated campsites. Excess routes would be rehabilitated.

Ski Bluewood Snow Making Project

Ski Bluewood is proposing to install a snow making system in their base area so they can make snow to cover those lowest elevation ski runs when natural snow is not adequate.


Grizzly Bear Fire Salvage and Reforestation Project

Harvest fire-killed and fire-injured trees on approximately 2,000 acres and plant trees and other vegetation on approximately 4,400 acres on Walla Walla Ranger District affected by the Grizzly Bear Complex Fire.

Oriental Loop OHV Trail Construction

Designate 9.6 miles of new OHV trail to provide additional access to the Winom-Frazier OHV Complex from the Oriental Campground. Most of the route would occur on existing open and closed roads, with only 1-2 miles of new construction.

Paradise Trail Reroute

Reroute the lower portion of the Paradise Trail to install grade-reducing switchbacks (3.4 miles), bringing the grade from 40% to 10-15% for the entire trail. Decommission 1.1 miles of existing, steep trail.

Potamus Fuels Reduction

Now Part of Ellis Integrated Vegetation Project: area identified areas to reduce wildfire risk to public and private lands within the Potamus subwatersheds as identified in the Morrow County Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

Potamus Prescribed Fire (2017)

Reduce the risk of stand replacement wildfire by reducing natural fuel loading and ladder fuels and increase forage for big game and livestock by reintroducing fire to the landscape through prescribed fire.

Rhea Commercial Thin

The Rhea Thin project proposes to reduce stocking levels by using a commercial timber sale. This project consists of two thinning units totaling approximately 70 acres located along the 2100050 road.

Ruby Creek Snowmobile Trail Grooming

This is an existing, un-groomed snowmobile trail. In order to groom the trail, a bridge will be constructed over Ruby Creek and trees less than six inches DBH along each side of the trail will be removed to a 14-foot width.

Tiger-Webb Fuels Reduction Project

Project would have reduced vertical and horizontal fuel loading and continuity to modify potential fire behavior and approach or attain the desired objectives near and along the 6511 roads and MFTPs. Activities proposed were thinning and burning.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.