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The Angeles National Forest is an urban National Forest in the center of an ever-changing population and provides a wide range of recreation opportunities to visitors from around the world. These important recreation areas provide a place for surrounding communities to experience solitude, quiet, and enjoy unique recreation opportunities.

Important Information

Policy on Shooting

Target shooting is not allowed anywhere in Angeles National Forest - San Gabriel Mountains National Monument except in designated ranges.

Policy on Pet Dogs

Always keep your dog leashed, except when inside a vehicle, tent, dog crate, or portable kennel. Do not allow your dog to wander freely, pursuant to Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 36, Chapter II, Sec. 261.8 (d).

While on a trail or in and around campgrounds and picnic areas, dogs must be kept on a leash (unless caged or crated) no longer than six feet, pursuant to CFR, Title 36, Chapter II, Sec. 261.16 (j).

Dogs must wear a collar with current tags at all times, as state and county laws apply on National Forest System lands.

Recreation Fee Information

The Recreation Fee Program, which includes the Adventure Pass, helps conserve, protect, and restore natural and heritage resources. Follow this link to a map of the Recreation Fee Locations and more information on the Recreation Fee Program.

Need to Purchase an Adventure Pass?

Look at the map below to see where the closest location is to purchase a pass.

Motor Vehicle Use Maps

These maps have been prepared and issued under 36 CFR 212.56, and identify those roads, trails, and areas designated for motor vehicle use. Learn more about Motor Vehicle Use Maps:

Recreation Map

Map showing recreational areas. Map Information

Recreation Conditions Report

Area Name Status Area Conditions
6,000' PCT Trailhead Open
Appletree Campground Open
Arch Picnic Site Open
Bandido Group Campground Open
Bear Campground Open
Bear Canyon Trail Camp Open
Big Rock Campground Open Hike-in 1/8th mile.
Blue Ridge Campground Open
Buckhorn Campground Closed Closed for post-winter cleanup.
Cabin Flat Trail Camp Open Hike-in only.
Chantry Flat Picnic Site Closed Closed due to a road improvement project.
Charlton Flats Picnic Area Open Hike-in only due to standing dead trees along the Canyon Bottom Road.
Chilao Campground Open
Chilao Picnic Area Open
Chilao Visitor Center Open Open weekends 9am-4pm.
Clear Creek Information Station Closed Closed
Coldbrook Campground Open
Cooper Canyon Trail Camp Open Hike-in only
Cottonwood Campground Closed Closed
Coulter Group Campground Open
Crystal Lake Rec Area Campground Open
Deer Flats Group Campground Closed
Devore Trail Camp Closed Closed due to the Revised Bobcat Fire.
Glenn Camp Campground Closed Closed due to the Revised Bobcat Fire.
Gould Mesa Trail Camp Open
Grassy Hollow Visitor Center Interpretive Site Closed Closed to public access.
Guffy Campground Open
Hoegees Trail Camp Closed Closed due to the Revised Bobcat Fire Closure.
Horse Flats Campground Open
Jackson Flat Group Campground Closed
Lake Campground Open Reservations made through
Lightning Point Group Campground - Closed Closed Closed
Little Jimmy Trail Camp Open
Los Alamos Campground Open
Los Alamos Group Campground Open
Lupine Campground Open Hike-in only.
Manker Campground Open
Meadow Group Campground Open Due to plumbing repairs, Meadow Group Campground does not have piped water available at this time. The flush toilets are closed, vault toilets are available. Forest visitors are advised to bring enough water for drinking, washing, and extinguishing your campfires. We are working diligently to get the repairs completed as soon as possible.
Messenger Flats Campground Closed
Millard Campground Open Front gate may close anytime due to Red Flag conditions.
Monte Cristo Campground Open
Mountain Oak Campground Open Reservations made through
Mt. Lowe Trail Camp Open
Mt. Pacifico Campground Open
Oak Flat Campground Open
Oakwilde Campground None
Peavine Campground Open
Pony Park PCT Trailhead Open Information on the Pacific Crest Trail Route Changes and information
Red Box Picnic Area Open
Rowher 4x4 OHV Trail Open
Rowher Flats OHV Area Open
San Gabriel Canyon OHV Area Open Weekends only, 8am-4pm.
Sawmill Campground Open
Sidewinder OHV Trail Open
Southfork Campground Open
Spring Camp Campground Closed Closed due to the Revised Bobcat Fire.
Spruce Grove Trail Camp Closed Closed due to the Revised Bobcat Fire.
Streamside Campground Closed
Sulphur Springs Trail Camp Open Hike-in only.
Switzer Picnic Site Open
Sycamore Flat Campground Open
Table Mountain Campground Open Reservations made through
Upper Shake Campground Closed Closed due to Improvement Project.
Valley Forge Trail Camp Closed Closed due to the Revised Bobcat Fire.
Vogel Flat Picnic Site Closed
West Fork Trail Camp Closed Closed due to the Revised Bobcat Fire.
Wildwood Picnic Site Open
Zuni Campground Closed

Recreation Areas