Looking east down the Gorge, you see the historic Crown Point perched on a cliff and endless trees

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The Columbia River Gorge receives a high volume of visitors and popular sites can get crowded. Please consider a few "Plan B" options in case your first choice is too crowded when you arrive. Please visit ReadySetGorge interagency website to plan your trip. 

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Current Recreation Conditions

Area Name Status Area Conditions
Angel's Rest Trail (#415) Open Open
BZ Launch Site & Trail (#4413) Open Open Boat launch, take-outs and trail are open for use. One vault restroom open year-round.
Balfour-Klickitat Area & Trail (#4414) Open Open
Bonneville Trailhead Open Open
Bridge Of The Gods Trailhead Open Open 11/14/23: Restrooms are closed for the season. A valid recreation pass is required for parking.  Fee tube is out of service; cash not accepted. Use QR code on bulletin board to pay or purchase a pass at Columbia Market in Cascade Locks
Cape Horn Overlook Open Open
Cape Horn Trail (#4418) Open Open Seasonal closure on lower loop in effect Feb 1 to Jul 15 to protect peregrine falcon nesting habitat. (See closure area on posted signs.)
Catherine Creek Interpretive Trail (#4400) Open Open A fallen tree is blocking the "connector" trail within the trail system. Trail Crew has been alerted. (2/22/24)
Catherine Creek Loop Open Open
Catherine Creek Recreation Area Open Open
Columbia Gorge Discovery Center Open Open The Discovery Center is open daily 9am-5pm. Call for more information (541) 296-8600.
Coyote Wall Recreation Area Open Open
Devils Rest Trail (#420C) Open Open
Dog Creek Falls Observation Site Open Open
Dog Mountain Open Open
Eagle Creek Campground Closed Closed 10/1/23 Closed for the season; make reservations at 5/1/24
Eagle Creek Day Use Area Open Open A valid recreation pass is required. 
Eagle Creek Overlook Group Campground Closed Closed 10/1/23 Closed for the season; make reservations at 5/1/24
Eagle Creek Trailhead & Trail (#440) Open Open A valid recreation pass is required.
Gorge 400 (MP 15 - 19.5) John Yeon to Wahclella Open Open
Gorge 400 Trail Open Open
Gorton Creek Trail (#408) Open Open South of the intersection with the Deadwood Trail the trail is unmaintained, extremely brushy, and difficult to follow.
Herman Creek Campground/Horse Camp Closed Closed Closed for site restoration. Est. re-opening in 2025
Herman Creek Trail (#406) Open Open
Herman Creek Trailhead Open Open A valid recreation pass is required for parking. 
Historic Columbia River Highway Open Open
Horsetail Falls & Trail (#438) Open Open 1 large tree across 5 switchbacks near the intersection with Oneonta Trail. Bypass with caution. (2/22/24)
Husum Boating Site Open Open
Klickitat Trail Open Open Open for day use only.
Klickitat Wild & Scenic River Open Open
Larch Mountain Open Open Larch Mountain Road is managed by Multnomah County. CLOSED FOR THE WINTER 11/27/23check current status here
Larch Mountain Trail (#441) Open Open Larch Mountain Road is managed by Multnomah County, SCHEDULED TO CLOSE FOR THE WINTER 11/27/23 check current status here. . There is a landslide above the intersection with the 420 (Wahkeena) Trail. Cross with extreme caution. There is also a slide on the Wahkeena Trail near Fairy Falls. If you are attempting the loop hike from Multnomah Lodge to Wahkeena Trailhead, you will encounter this slide. Use extreme caution if attempting to cross.
Lower Punchbowl Trail (#440B) Open Open Be extremely cautious when attempting to cross Eagle Creek to reach Punch Bowl.
Lyle Trailhead Open Open 11/16/23: Flush restrooms closed for the season but portable toilets are on site.
Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness: Columbia Gorge Open Open Parts of the wilderness are closed due to post-fire hazards. Plan your hike carefully, and check specific trails for status. Do not hike off trail and respect closure signs.
Metlako Falls Spur Trail (#440A) Closed Closed Trail no longer exists due to cliff collapse.
Moffett Creek Trail (#430) Closed Closed Closed due to hazards and unstable conditions.
Mount Defiance Trail (#413) Open Open Expect rugged conditions
Multnomah Falls Open Open
Multnomah Falls Lodge Open Open
Nesmith Point Trail (#428) Open Open
Nick Eaton Trail (#447) Open Open Avoid during high winds and heavy rains due to tree fall and landslide hazards.
Northwestern Park None None Northwestern Park, owned and operated by PacifiCorp Power, provides public access to the White Salmon Wild and Scenic River with a boat ramp and picnic facilities.
Oneonta Trail (#424) Open Open Oneonta Trail is open. ONEONTA GORGE (separate from the trail) is closed until further notice. 
Oneonta Trailhead Open Open Oneonta Trail is open. ONEONTA GORGE remains closed.
Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (#2000) Open Open
River Front Trail (#4406) Open Open
Sams Walker Day Use Area & Trail (#4402) Open Open A valid recreation pass is required
Sandy River Delta Open Open Site is for day use only. Must keep dogs on leash in parking lot and surrounding area as well as confluence trail. Do NOT park in trailer parking area (unless you have an RV or trailer). A valid recreation pass is required.
Skamania Lodge None None
St. Cloud Day Use Area & Trail (#4410) Open Open
Starvation Ridge Trail (#414) Open Open This trail is only accessible via Mt. Defiance Trail Trail #413 as the old cutoff trail (414A) is currently closed.
Wahclella Falls Trail (#436) Open Open 7/28/23: We are unable to accept cash at this site. A valid recreation pass is required or scan the QR code at the trailhead to pay once you arrive.Parking is limited; do not leave any items of value in your vehicle.
Wahkeena Falls Open Open Gates and restrooms closed. opens 5/1/24.
Wahkeena Trail (#420) Open Open 2/18/24: Landslide above Fairy Falls (approximately 2.0 miles from trailhead)has blown-out trail switchbacks. No timeline for repairs. Trail is not officially closed but access is not recommended. Cross slide with extreme caution.
White Salmon Wild & Scenic River Open Open
Wyeth Campground Closed Closed 10/1/23 Closed for the season; make reservations at 5/1/24
Wyeth Trail (#411) Open Open