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The Daniel Boone National Forest offers an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities. Camping, hiking and fishing are just a few of the many attractions that draw more than one million visitors to the forest each year. Abundant wildlife, lush vegetation, magnificent scenery, and numerous recreation opportunities offer visitors much to enjoy.

Interactive Forest Visitor Map

Use the Interactive Forest Visitor Map to locate roads, campgrounds, trails and other recreation sites on the Daniel Boone National Forest. You can zoom in for high resolution detail and change the background map to suit your needs. Using the Tools icon, you can print your map or save it as a Geo PDF map. You can also import your Geo PDF to your phone or tablet using a program like Avenza to show your live location on the map - even without a cell signal! 


Recreation Conditions Report

Area Name Status Area Conditions
Clear Creek Shooting Range Closed Closed indefinitely due to repeated landslides. Please respect the closure while we assess effects to the Clear Creek area and protect additional resources in the area. See Closure Map
Lakeside South Trail #412 Closed Closed due to a major slump making the trail impassable between Clark's Bottom Road and Twin Branch Trail #406.
Redbird Crest Trail System Open Sections 7 and 11 are impassable due to damage from several downed trees.
Sheltowee Trace Trail #100 Section 24 Hawk Creek Open Hawk Creek and Sinking Creek suspension bridges are impassable due to flood damage. Hikers will need to wade through the creeks to continue along the trail. As a safety precaution, please do not try to cross any part of the remaining bridge infrastructures and always exercise caution when wading the creeks.

Recreation Areas