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White River National Forest offers sharp contrasts of outdoor opportunities including highly developed year-round recreation near resorts as well as access to primitive backcountry including eight designated Wilderness areas. Search for opportunities by activity, or area, and explore the outdoors at White River National Forest.

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Recreation Conditions Report

Area Name Status Area Conditions
Avalanche Creek #1959 None None 10/30/2019: Avalanche Creek Bridge is OUT
  • Bridge Name: Avalanche/ Silver Creek
  • Trail #: 1959.1
  • Mile Post: 2.6
  • Feature Crossed: Hell Roaring Creek
  • Cause of Bridge Closure: Extremely high flows of June 30 – July 1 2019 resulted in the loss of the bridge which was carried downstream and not located.  Given the nature of the stream (Hell Roaring Creek), the structure is assumed to be destroyed and irretrievable. The existing bridge had enough hydraulic clearance that the failure was probably due to substantial debris carried by the stream, possibly deposited earlier in the winter by avalanche(s) upstream. Plans on replacing the bridge are underway.
Grizzly Creek #2065 None None The Grizzly Creek Trail is currently open for only the first two miles due to damage from summer 2021 storms. Be aware of increased risk from hazard trees, falling rocks, stump holes, and flashing flooding resulting from the 2020 Grizzly Creek Fire. 
Hanging Lake #1850 None None The temporary trail is open and reservations are available at