Resource Management

Fire and Aviation

The Helena National Forest Fire & Aviation are a vital part of the forest resource program.  Fire management is a year long process which includes prescribed fires, education of fire-fighters, collaborating with the community and other agencies to provide the best possible management of our public lands. Click here for employment opportunities.



The Helena National Forest is rich in history from Lewis & Clark expedition to pictographs, from history within the forest service to forest pre-history including pictographs.  The heritage pages are full of a multitude of history and pictures on the forest. Worth the visit.


Minerals and Geology

Find information in regards to mining procedures, safety and mining reclamation. Another page located in the Minerals and Geology pages is Links of interest will give you a multitude of resources for your mining questions.



Vegetation of the national forest includes all types of plant life from wildflowers to trees, range and timber management.

  • Plants
    • Native
    • Invasive
  • Timber Management
    • Trees
    • Bugs
    • Whitebark Pine Project



The Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest is fortunate to have a wide variety of wildlife that calls the forest it's home.  The forest provides abundant opportunites to experience animal behaviors from the birds that fly through the sky or send their melodic calls in the air to the majesty of the elk wandering the hillside in all of it's grandeur.


Invasive Species

Spotted knapweed

Invasive species cause disruptions in ecosystems, reduce biodiversity, and impact the health of forests, rangelands, wetlands and waterways and the health of the native plants and animals that live there.  They also impact the well-being of livestock, crops, and humans.

Learn more about invasive species and what you can do to help prevent the spread.

Timber Sales


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FY21 Timber Sale Summary

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Lost Mine Timber Sale

Bids will be opened at the Helena Lewis and Clark SO on 8/24/2021 at 1:00 PM. To obtain a bid packet please contact the sale officer at (406) 949-1047.

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