Stanislaus National Forest

Adventure Awaits

With 78 lakes, 811 miles of streams and rivers, and more than 1,000 miles of hiking trails, the 898,000 acre Stanislaus National Forest is the perfect destination for whatever your next adventure may be!

Begin Your Journey!

  • Fire Restrictions

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    There are currently no fire restrictions on the Stanislaus National Forest.

  • Outdoor Safety

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    Each year several individuals or parties get lost, hurt and even killed in the woods. The most effective way to prevent mishaps is to plan ahead, prepare for your trip and know a few important safety tips.

  • Events

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    From presentations to guided walks, there are regular opportunities for you to get involved, learn more, and have your voice heard!

  • Confronting the Wildfire Crisis Strategy - the Stanislaus Landscape

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    All your questions answered about the 307,000 acres Stanislaus Landscape Project and the work underway to return fire to the landscape while building resilient communities and ecosystems.

  • Hands - on Activities and Educational Videos

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    Want to learn more about the natural and cultural history of the Stanislaus National Forest?! Click here to find educational videos, Junior Ranger booklets, scavenger hunts, and more!

Peak Inside the Forest

  • Growing hope: Stanislaus National Forest wraps up annual Rim Fire replanting for Spring

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    The Stanislaus National Forest planted 493,000 trees over 1,500 acres in under three weeks this year in the Rim Fire burn scar as part of their annual Spring planting in the Groveland Ranger District of the forest.

  • The STF Celebrates 127 Years!

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    How do you wish happy birthday to a forest? By exploring its pristine rivers, snowcapped mountains, and flowering meadows. There’s always plenty of ways to celebrate in the nearly 900,000 acres that make up the Stanislaus National Forest.

  • A Little of This, A Little of That: A Partners’ Recipe for Renaturalization

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    If two’s company and three’s a crowd, then four is an absolute party! Work party that is – at least when the teams from the Stanislaus National Forest, Tuolumne River Trust, AmeriCorps, and Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership get together for the hard and dirty work of renaturalizing illegal trails.

Featured Events