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Forest Supervisor's Notes

Photo of Jason KuikenForest Supervisor Jason Kuiken believes there is nothing more critical to maintaining good relationships than communication. Residents, communities and ranger districts share a dedication to keeping the forest healthy, but sometimes Forest Service procedures and actions may not be clearly understood by those outside the agency. Jason is committed to engaging the community by sharing information about some of the actions being undertaken on the forest. Jason will post a series of notes highlighting some of the vital activities that go into regaining a healthy forest. Read Jason's notes.

A Public Safety Power Shutoff may affect your next trip to the Stanislaus National Forest!

In May 2019, Pacific Gas & Electric Company announced its plan to shutoff, and later restore, power if necessary due to extreme weather and wildfire danger.  Sometime during the fire season, your planned visit to the Stanislaus National Forest may be impacted if your visit coincides with a PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff. Learn more about preparing for your forest visit during a power shutoff.

Moving Toward Resiliency within the Mokelumne to Kings Landscape (MOTOR M2K)

Forests of the Sierra Nevada range have experienced one of the largest tree mortality events in recent history, and the greatest concentrations of tree mortality have been in areas that are the most departed from the fire regimes under which they evolved. With MOTOR M2K we are working toward a vegetation management framework across frequent fire-adapted stands of the Stanislaus and Sierra National Forests – focusing primarily, but not exclusively, on stands below 7,000 feet in elevation. Learn more about MOTOR M2K.

Apply now during Fall Hire 2019 for Spring 2020 temporary positions with the Forest Service!

Photo of employees building a trailOutreach Notice for Forest Service positions - apply starting Sept. 16, 2019! Application period ends 8:59 p.m. PDT Sept. 30.

View the outreach notice. GS-03 through GS-09 and WG-10 for fire positions; GS-3 through GS-9 for non-fire positions

Fall fire and non-fire hiring will begin Sept. 16 and continue until Sept. 30. All applications must be submitted by no later than 8:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time to be considered. We are hiring these positions for Spring 2020, so don’t delay!

The Pacific Southwest Region is looking for a committed, hardworking, highly skilled workforce to help the Forest Service manage its environmental stewardship role on 18 National Forests, and Regional Office located in California.

Whether you want to serve as a resource specialist, a scientist or a firefighter, we are hiring both fire and non-fire positions! Job announcements will open in USAJOBS Sept. 16 and close Sept. 30, 2019.

For more information, visit the Temporary Jobs webpage, where you can get help on the application process and what to include, or contact Human Resources Management at (877) 372-7248, Option 2.

Apply at: USAJOBS and create a profile and set up your resume.    Be sure to read the job announcement thoroughly for specific information about the job requirements, certifications and needed materials, then follow the instructions on how to apply. Note: not all positions are available in all locations.

Photo of Forest ranger on horsebackSee Spring 2020 resource positions available on the Stanislaus National Forest.

Photo of Stanislaus fire crewSee Spring 2020 fire hire positions available on the Stanislaus National Forest.

Over-Snow Use Designation Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement

A-OSV RiderThe Stanislaus National Forest is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement on a proposal to designate oversnow vehicle use on National Forest System  roads, trails and areas within the forest, and to identify snow trails for grooming within the Stanislaus National Forest. In addition, the Forest Service is proposing to establish snow depths for OSV use and snow grooming. View OSV use designation draft EIS project information.

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Final Minimization Criteria Report

A report describing how the Stanislaus National Forest demonstrated compliance with the Travel Management Rule’s Subpart B Minimization Criteria in connection with the 2009 Record of Decision (ROD) for motorized travel management on the Stanislaus National Forest.

Management of Settlement's Interim Period Route Closures

A document describing management of the 2014 Stipulated Settlement Agreement’s Interim Period trail closures including, the initial closure methods, those closure method’s effectiveness, any additional actions that were taken to  maintain the closure, whether any subsequent NEPA decisions and implementation have occurred affecting the trails included in the Interim Period trail closures, and whether each trail would be eligible to be added to the motor vehicle use map upon issuance of the Notice of Compliance.

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Seeking members for Resource Advisory Committee (RAC)

A Secure Rural Schools Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) provides advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture through the Forest Service.