The Stanislaus National Forest is located in the eastern center of California.
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Rim Fire Reforestation

Rim Fire Reforestation

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that describes a proposal for about 48,000 acres of treatments within the 2013 Rim Fire is available. The EIS discloses the environmental effects that would result from the proposed action, a no action alternative and three additional action alternatives. The August 17, 2016 Record of Decision (ROD) documents the Responsible Official’s decision approving treatments on National Forest System lands including: deer habitat enhancement; natural regeneration; noxious weed eradication; reforestation and, thin existing plantations.

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An illustration of some trees in a forest, some of which are blackened.

California Tree Mortality



Image of a Mountain Lake at sunset  ( pink sky) with reflection below in high lake.

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