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Christmas Tree Permits

Christmas Tree Please be advised that cutting a Christmas tree in the Stanislaus National Forest is prohibited and permits are not available for this use. There are several Christmas Tree Farms in the area and several National Forest in California that do sell permits. The following forests provide permits... Click here.

Seasonal Road and Trail Closure

OHV RidingSeasonal road and trail closures on the Stanislaus National Forest begin Dec. 16 and will remain in effect until April 15, 2018. The Stanislaus National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map indicates which roads and trails will be closed and may be picked up at any ranger district office, or by visiting the Forest’s maps webpage at https://www.fs.usda.gov/activity/stanislaus/recreation/ohv. Roads identified in the MVUM as being open may close due to local weather conditions as necessary.

Be advised that Forest roads are not maintained for winter or wet weather use. Use caution and drive defensively when traveling on open roads in the Forest through the winter. Rocks, snow and ice may be encountered in the roadway. Wet, saturated roadbeds are easily damaged, which can require costly repairs to roads and adjacent resources.
Contact your local Ranger District office for current information on roads and conditions before traveling on the Forest.



Rim Fire Reforestation

Rim Fire Reforestation

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that describes a proposal for about 48,000 acres of treatments within the 2013 Rim Fire is available. The EIS discloses the environmental effects that would result from the proposed action, a no action alternative and three additional action alternatives. The August 17, 2016 Record of Decision (ROD) documents the Responsible Official’s decision approving treatments on National Forest System lands including: deer habitat enhancement; natural regeneration; noxious weed eradication; reforestation and, thin existing plantations.


Stanislaus NF, local high school students share their community spirit

In a barren forest a girl hands a boy seeds to plant.

Students from Tioga High School spent four hours at the site of the July 2015 Big Creek fire on Stanislaus National Forest in Groveland, Calif., March 3, 2017, planting trees.

Seeking members for Resource Advisory Committee (RAC)

A Secure Rural Schools Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) provides advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture through the Forest Service.