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Hiking Trails on the ANF

Trail Miles Other Trail Uses
Beaver Meadows Hiking Trail and Day Use Area 7.1 n/a
Brush Hollow Cross Country Ski and Hiking Trail 7.7 Cross-country skiing, mountain biking, snowshoeing
Buzzard Swamp Wildlife Viewing and Hiking Area 11.2 Cross-country skiing, mountain biking, snowshoeing
Hearts Content Trails 7.8 Cross country skiing, snowshoeing
Hearts Content Interpretive Trail 1.1 n/a
Hearts Content Orienteering Trail 5.9 n/a
Hickory Creek Wilderness Trails 12 n/a
Jakes Rocks Overlook and Mountain Bike Trail 1 n/a - mountain bike trail is seperate
Laurel Mills Cross-Country Ski and Hiking Trail 10.7 Cross-country skiing
Little Drummer Historical Pathway 3.1 Cross-country skiing
Loleta Recreation Area 3 n/a
Minister Creek Trail 6.6 n/a
Morrison Hiking Trail 11.4 n/a
North Country National Scenic Trail 96.3 Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing
Rimrock Hiking Trail 1.3 Snowshoeing
Timberdoodle Flats Interpretive Trail 1.75 n/a
Tracy Ridge 33.69 Cross-country skiing
Twin Lakes Hiking Trail 15.8 Cross country skiing, mountain biking

What You Need to Know

Maps for each trail are available on that trails web page.

Visit the camping section for information on campgrounds or dispersed camping along trails.

New(er) to hiking? Visit the Outdoor Safety section for trail tips and what to do if you get lost.