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Hunting is allowed on National Forest lands with appropriate state hunting licenses. Seasons and bag limits are determined by the PA Game Commission, please visit their website for more information or download the PA Hunting and Trapping Digest. See Forest roads open for hunting and interactive hunting maps. 

General Information

  • No discharging a firearm in or within 150 yards of a developed recreation area, building or occupied area.
  • No discharging a firearm across or on a forest development road, body of water contiguous to a road or where any person or property is exposed to injury or damage.
    • Exception: when lawfully engaged in waterfowl hunting you may shoot over a body of water contiguous to a road.
  • No posting NFS lands as private property and/or “reserving”  a hunting location.


Dispersed camping rules apply.

ORV and Motorized Vehicle Use for Hunting

For information on operating an OHV or motorized vehicle on the Allegheny visit the OHV page or the MVUM page. A list of ANF Roads open for the Hunting Season is posted.

Raised Platforms, Stands and Ground Blinds -

  • Allowed for hunting.
  • Must be portable and temporary. No permanent structures are allowed.
  • Are not permitted until two weeks before the opening of the archery deer season, and they must be removed no later than two weeks after the close of the flintlock and late archery deer season.
  • Must be clearly identified with the owner’s name, address and phone number or with a PA Game Commission CID number or a PA Game Commission tree stand number.
  • Portable ground blinds may remain after each day's hunt, but must be removed within the time constraints noted above.
  • Fasteners for portable ground blinds cannot penetrate the bark of a tree.
  • Blinds can be made of dead, natural materials and/or can have netting, cloth or plastic added to them. The material cannot be permanently attached to the blind and must be removed each day.
  • Natural materials must be scattered at the close of the season or when the blind is abandoned.
  • Constructed blinds must be removed at the end of the season.

Trail Cameras

  • Cameras and other game surveillance equipment must be clearly identified with the owners name, address and phone number or PA Game Commission CID number/PA Game Commission tree stand number.

Target Shooting

Please visit the Target Shooting page for information.


  • Allowed with appropriate permits and licenses available through the PA Game Commission.

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities