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Three hikers and their dog enjoy the view from the Summit Trail.

The Modoc offers many opportunities for hiking, strolling and backpacking.  Hiking offers city weary visitors the chance to slow down, enjoy the beauty of nature and soothe the soul.

Designated trails are found in many parts of the Modoc National Forest.  From the Cedar Creek Trail to those of the South Warner Wilderness, Red Tail Rim Trail and Medicine Lake's "Little Mt Hoffman Trail", each has a unique quality that provides every individual with an opportunity to explore the back-country.

Most Modoc trails are shared with horses and pack stock.  Please step off the trail on the downhill side when pack stock and riders approach.  Speak to the riders in a calm voice so the horses recognize you as humans.  Backpacks, hats, fishing poles and walking sticks can seem menacing to horses.

Enjoy the beauty of nature and soothe the soul by hiking on the Modoc.

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