Before heading out on your adventure, we encourage you to read through the rules and regulations associated with your planned activities as well as the active alerts, advisories, and general closures listed on this page. Individual recreation area closures will be listed on the specific recreation area pageOutdoor Safety & Ethics has additional safety information and recommendations that may help you plan your visit.

We do our best to post the latest information; however, safety is your responsibility. If you have any questions, please reach out to the appropriate Ranger District Office.

Rules & Regulations

We have compiled the rules and regulations governing many of our more popular recreation activities for your convenience. These helpful guides are updated periodically, but may not reflect recent updates or additions to special orders. For the official record of an order, please see the 'Public Notices' section below.



Weather Conditions

Before traveling or going outdoors to play, it's good to check the current weather and weather forecast. Especially in mountainous areas, local conditions can change quickly. Be well prepared so you can enjoy your trip.

Public Notices

Forest Supervisor Orders

Forest Supervisors and Regional Foresters issue orders that will close or restrict the use of certain areas.