Alerts & Notices


Remember, conditions can change rapidly, especially in backcountry areas. Always check weather reports before your trip, pack the ten essentials and be prepared for all kinds of weather. Bring plenty of water and pack out all trash. Review our safety tips.  

Forest Roads Contact your local ranger office to inquire about a specific route. Wildlife gates are closed from October 1 until May 1. Forest roads are prone to flooding and washouts. Never attempt to cross road washouts as you could easily get trapped. Travel with your lights on, obey speed limits, and watch for pedestrians and other vehicles.

Washington Roads ( Washington traffic cameras; Olympic Peninsula Washington roads map

Passes Things to KnowInformation to help you plan ahead such as passes, maps, regulations, & safety.
Forest fire View fire information & restrictions. Report a Fire: Dial 911


  • Olympic National Forest Enters Campfire Phase 1 Restrictions
  • Flood Damage & Road Closure Updates
  • Temp Road Closure on FS Road 2480
  • Sustainable Trails Feedback Form now Available
  • Herbicide applications to occur on Olympic National Forest
  • Alcohol Ban along Lake Cushman Corridor (FS-24) remains in effect
  • Forest Road 2421 Remains Inaccessible

Public Notices

Forest Orders

Review active Forest Orders and public notices.


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