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  • There are currently NO FIRE RESTRICTIONS in effect on Prescott NF
  • Target Type restrictions implemented across the Prescott NF
  • Temporary Camping Restrictions along Highway 260 and Salt Mine Road Corridor
  • Drones Use on Forest Service Lands
  • Prescribed Burn Information


Public Notices

Hwy 260 Corridor Camping Closure Order Number: # 03-09-05-22-16

Prohibits camping along the HIghway 260 Corridor and the Verde River in the Cottonwood and Camp Verde areas to mitigate natural resource degradation stemming from overuse. This Order shall be in effect from Saturday, January 07, 2023 at midnight through January 07, 2025 at midnight, unless rescinded.

Order Number: # 03-09-05-22-16

Verde River Seasonal Bald Eagle Closure Order Number: # 03-09-05-22-15

Seasonal closure in the Ladders area of the Verde River to protect nesting bald eagles during their breeding season (December 1 through June 30).  This Order shall be in effect each year from December 1 through June 30, commencing December 24, 2022, at midnight through June 30, 2026, at 12:00 p.m., unless rescinded.

Order Number: # 03-09-05-22-15

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