Alerts & Notices

Safety First

Safety FirstPlease be aware of these alerts and notices because many unexpected situations can present difficult challenges for forest visitors.

Be well informed and prepared for your next visit to the forest.

Know before you go! Before venturing out, contact the nearest Forest Service office for recent information on alerts, advisories, notices and closures.

To report an emergency, please call 911.


  • Travelling through a burned area
  • Mt Shasta seasonal road closures for Nordic skiing
  • Public Safety Power Shutoffs
  • Water safety - waterfalls, rivers and lakes
  • Marijuana gardens in the woods?
  • Hawkins Creek Road (Road 11) closed for public safety
  • Backcountry and Wilderness Conditions
  • Scott Flat Footbridge Damaged & Closed

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Public Notices

Forest Orders and other Public Notices

Federal agencies operate under the U.S. Code and the Code of Federal Regulations. These laws help form our policies on how we manage national forests and grasslands. The Forest Supervisor may issue special orders that will close or restrict the use of certain areas and activities if the need arises. Such orders will be posted so that visitors to the National Forest can reasonably be expected to be familiar with them.

Redacted version of the Helena Fire - Report of Investigation