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Logistics Branch

The Logistics Branch provides support for WO Fire & Aviation Operations customers (located at NIFC) with the procurement of (urgent/immediate) incident resources, such as retardant chemicals and related services, mobile food services, mobile shower facilities, firefighting crews, Critical Incident Stress Management Services (CISM), and National Videographer/Photographer Services. In addition the Logistics Branch provides procurement support for eleven National Caches for wildland fire suppression and prevention, as well as other emergency incident response activities.

Contact and Information Duties and Support
Melinda Draper
Branch Chief, Logistics Contracting Branch
Mobile: (208) 867-5073

Provides acquisition leadership and direction for the Logistics Branch

Tony Duncan
Contracting Officer
Mobile: 423-368-6475

National Cache Support Team Lead

Chris Kirk
Purchasing Agent
Mobile: (208) 616-5549

National Cache Support

Administrative Support for;

  • National Type 2 Initial Attack (IA) Firefighter Crews
  • National Type 2 Firefighter Crews
  • National Mobile Food Services
  • National Mobile Shower Services
  • National Retardant Chemicals

Website Point of Contact (serves as backup)

Sonia Torres
Contract Specialist
Mobile: 575-654-4207

Administrative Support for;

  • National Mobile Food Services
  • National Mobile Shower Services
  • National Type 2 & Type 2IA Firefighter Crews
  • National Retardant Chemicals
Matt Cox
Contracting Officer
Mobile: (270) 757-8524
  • Tier 3 Cache Freight
  • Fish Strainer & Screens
  • Smoke Monitor Supplies & Services
Lindsey Christian
Contracting Officer
Cell: 406-802-0825
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Services
  • Inspecting, Testing, Washing (Cleaning), Drying, Repair and Rolling Federal Gov Fire Hose (NWK)
  • Laundry Services (NWK)
  • Pallet Recycling Services (NWK)
Theresa Hood
Contracting Officer
  • Flare Mechanical & Non-Mechanized
  • Oil (2-Cycle, Bar & Chain)
  • Aerial Ignition Spheres
  • Class A Foam (Silv-Ex & Phos-Check)
Shannon Meadows
Purchasing Agent
Mobile: (606) 594-5524

National Cache Support

Amy Tilley
Purchasing Agent
Mobile: (802) 330-1934

National Cache Support

Bryce Pitchford
Contracting Officer
Mobile: (208) 991-7639
Dana Price
Contracting Officer
Larry Robillard
Contracting Officer
Mobile: (208) 407-6003

Federal Incident Ordering Official



Dear Industry Partners,

From all of us within the Federal wildland fire community, we would like to express our appreciation for your willingness to step up and support us, especially in times like these. Due to the significant surge in inquiries we have received from industry in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to inform you that we have established a COVID-19 Wildland Fire Procurement & Program Response Team. This team is providing support to the USDA Forest Service and our Agency Cooperators in the review, vetting, and coordination of incoming COVID-19 wildland fire contract related questions. This team is comprised of individuals who bring expertise in the areas of procurement and wildland fire program on-site needs.

Most importantly at this time we ask that you continue to direct all inquiries to your respective Contracting Officer or designated Contracting Officer Representative. As these questions are received they are reviewed and referred to those team members who can best address them. The frequently asked question (FAQ) documents on this page will be posted, monitored, and updated.

US Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management is currently developing Wildland Fire Response Plans including best management practices for all geographic areas on how to respond to fire and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus this year. Once the plans are finalized and reviewed, any changes to VIPR agreements or National contract requirements will be appropriately communicated to contractors by the applicable Contracting Officers.

The COVID-19 Wildland Fire Procurement & Program Response Team is ensuring that all available procurement flexibilities and innovative approaches to meet the requirements for the 2020 Wildland Fire Season are thoroughly vetted and communicated with Area Commands, Incident Management Teams (IMTs), and Wildland Fire Program Offices. We thank you in advance for working with us as we formulate innovative solutions and continue to support the wildland fire community together.

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