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Find information about working with the Forest Service. If you're already a current Forest Service vendor, get information about the tools you need to use to manage your contracts.

map of the U.S. Showing the Forest Service Regions Northern California Operations Northwest Great Basin Southern California Operations Southwest Area Southern Area Eastern Area Rocky Mountain Area Northern Rockies

To respond to solicitations, vendors will need to know which Host Dispatch Center to select in the vendor application, depending on which solicitations vendors are responding to.

To determine the appropriate Host Dispatch Center to use, do the following:

  1. Using the map above, click on the Region/Geographic Area that corresponds to the solicitation and is in the Geographic Area where you wish to submit an offer.
  2. From the list, select a Host Dispatch Center.
  3. Make a note of the Unit Identifierwhen you submit a quote on a solicitation using the vendor application.

What you need to know about the Dispatch Center drop-down lists in the Formatta resource information forms and in the drop-down list in the vendor application:

  • The lists are alphabetical by State and then by the Dispatch Center (i.e. AL-AIC, AR-AOC… WY-TDC).
  • An example of how to find the Dispatch Center: if you are responding to a solicitation from Forest Service Region 5, California, you would first look at the Host Dispatch Centers that start with “CA,” and then select the Host Dispatch Center for the city from which you wish to be dispatched, say, Redding; the Dispatch Center Unit Identifier is CA-RICC.
  • If you select a Host Dispatch Center that appears to be incongruent with your Vendor location, the Contracting Officer may request that you review your selection and possibly re-submit your offer.
  • Several centers are Geographic Area Coordination Centers (GACCs), as indicated by asterisks in the tables below.

Northern Rockies (NRCC)

Region Unit Identifier Center Name City State
1 ID-CDC Coeur d'Alene Interagency Dispatch Center Coeur d'Alene ID
1 ID-GVC Grangeville Interagency Dispatch Center Grangeville ID
1 MT-BDC Billings Dispatch Center Billings MT
1 MT-BRC Bitterroot Dispatch Center Hamilton MT
1 MT-DDC Dillon Dispatch Center Dillon MT
1 MT-GDC Great Falls Dispatch Center Great Falls MT
1 MT-HDC Helena Interagency Dispatch Center Helena MT
1 MT-KDC Kootenai Interagency Dispatch Center Libby MT
1 MT-KIC Kalispell Interagency Dispatch Center Kalispell MT
1 MT-LEC Lewistown Interagency Dispatch Center Lewistown MT
1 MT-MCC Miles City Dispatch Center Miles City MT
1 MT-MDC Missoula Interagency Dispatch Center Missoula MT

Rocky Mountain Region (RMCC)

Region Unit Identifier Center Name City State
2 CO-CRC Craig Interagency Dispatch Center Craig CO
2 CO-DRC Durango Interagency Dispatch Center Durango CO
2 CO-FTC Fort Collins Interagency Dispatch Center Fort Collins CO
2 CO-GJC Grand Junction Interagency Dispatch Center Grand Junction CO
2 CO-MTC Montrose Interagency Dispatch Center Montrose CO
2 CO-PBC Pueblo Interagency Dispatch Center Pueblo CO
2 SD-GPC Great Plains Interagency Dispatch Center Rapid City SD
2 WY-CDC Cody Interagency Dispatch Center Cody WY
2 WY-CPC Casper Interagency Dispatch Center Casper WY

Southwest Region (SWCC)

Region Unit Identifier Center Name City State
3 AZ-FDC Flagstaff Interagency Dispatch Center Flagstaff AZ
3 AZ-PDC Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center Prescott AZ
3 AZ-PHC Phoenix Interagency Dispatch Center Phoenix AZ
3 AZ-SDC Show Low Interagency Dispatch Center (Formerly Springerville Interagency Dispatch Center Show Low (Springerville) AZ (AZ)
3 AZ-TDC Tucson Interagency Dispatch Center Tucson AZ
3 AZ-WDC Williams Interagency Dispatch Center Williams AZ
3 NM-ABC Albuquerque Interagency Dispatch Center Albuquerque NM
3 NM-ADC Alamogordo Interagency Dispatch Center Alamogordo NM
3 NM-SDC Silver City Interagency Dispatch Center Silver City NM
3 NM-SFC Santa Fe Interagency Dispatch Center Santa Fe NM
3 NM-SWC* Southwest Area Coordination Center Albuquerque NM
3 NM-TDC Taos Interagency Dispatch Center Taos NM
*This center is a Geographic Area Coordination Center (GACC).

Great Basin (GBCC)

Region Unit Identifier Center Name City State
4 ID-BDC Boise Interagency Dispatch Center Boise ID
4 ID-CIC Central Idaho Interagency Fire Center Salmon ID
4 ID-EIC Eastern Idaho Interagency Fire Center Idaho Falls ID
4 ID-PAC Payette National Forest Dispatch McCall ID
4 ID-SCC South Idaho Interagency Dispatch Center Shoshone ID
4 NV-CNC Central Nevada Interagency Dispatch Center Winnemucca NV
4 NV-ECC Ely Interagency Communication Center Ely NV
4 NV-EIC Elko Interagency Dispatch Center Elko NV
4 NV-LIC Las Vegas Interagency Communications Center Las Vegas NV
4 NV-SFC Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center Minden NV
4 UT-CDC Color Country Interagency Fire Center Cedar City UT
4 UT-MFC Moab Interagency Fire Center Moab UT
4 UT-NUC Northern Utah Interagency Fire Center Salt Lake City UT
4 UT-RFC Richfield Interagency Fire Center Richfield UT
4 UT-UBC Uintah Basin Interagency Fire Center Vernal UT
4 WY-TDC Teton Interagency Dispatch Center Moose WY

Northern California Ops (ONCC)

Region Unit Identifier Center Name City State
5 CA-CICC Camino Interagency ECC Camino CA
5 CA-GVCC Grass Valley Interagency ECC Grass Valley CA
5 CA-MICC Modoc Interagency ECC Alturas CA
5 CA-MNFC Mendocino National Forest Communication Center Willows CA
5 CA-NCIC North Coast Interagency Communication Center Eureka CA
5 CA-ONCC* Operations, Northern California Redding CA
5 CA-PNFC Plumas National Forest Communication Center Quincy CA
5 CA-RICC Redding Interagency ECC Redding CA
5 CA-SIFC Susanville Interagency ECC Susanville CA
5 CA-YICC Yreka Interagency ECC Yreka CA
*This center is a Geographic Area Coordination Center (GACC).

Southern California Ops (OSCC)

Region Unit Identifier Center Name City State
5 CA-ANCC Angeles Communications Center Arcadia CA
5 CA-CCCC Central California Communications Center Porterville CA
5 CA-LPCC Los Padres Communications Center Santa Maria CA
5 CA-SDIC San Diego Interagency Center El Cajon CA
5 CA-OSCC* Southern California Geographic Coordination Center Riverside CA
5 CA-OVCC Owens Valley Interagency Communications Center Bishop CA
5 CA-SBCC San Bernardino Interagency Communications Center San Bernardino CA
5 CA-SICC Sierra Interagency Communications Center Fresno CA
5 CA-STCC Stanislaus Communications Center Sonora CA
*This center is a Geographic Area Coordination Center (GACC).

Pacific Northwest (NWCC)

Region Unit Identifier Center Name City State
6 OR-BIC Burns Interagency Communications Center Burns OR
6 OR-BMC Blue Mountain Interagency Coordination Center (formerly OR-NOC Northeast Oregon Interagency Fire Center) LaGrande OR
6 OR-COC Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center Prineville OR
6 OR-EIC Eugene Interagency Communication Center (Combined with OR-CVC) Eugene OR
6 OR-JDCC John Day Communications Center John Day OR
6 OR-LFC Lakeview Interagency Fire Center Lakeview OR
6 OR-RVC Rogue Valley Interagency Communications Center (formerly OF-MIC Medford Interagency Communications Center) Medford OR
6 OR-RICC Roseburg Interagency Communications Center Roseburg OR
6 OR-VAC Vale District Dispatch Vale OR
6 WA-CCC Columbia Cascade Communication Center (formerly Mt. Hood NF Dispatch OR-MHC) (formerly Gifford Pinchot NF Dispatch WA-GFC) Sandy Sandy Vancouver OR OR WA
6 WA-CWC Central WA Interagency Communication Center East Wenatchee WA
6 WA-NEC Northeast Washington Interagency Communication Center (formerly Colville National Forest Dispatch WA-CFC) Colville WA
6 WA-PSC Puget Sound Interagency Coordination Center Everett WA

Southern Region (SACC)

Region Unit Identifier Center Name City State
8 AL-AIC Alabama Interagency Coordination Center Montgomery AL
8 AR-AOC Arkansas-Oklahoma Interagency Coordination Center Hot Springs AR
8 FL-FIC Florida Interagency Coordination Center Tallahassee FL
8 GA-GIC Georgia Interagency Coordination Center Gainesville GA
8 KY-KIC Kentucky Interagency Coordination Center Winchester KY
8 LA-LIC Louisiana Interagency Coordination Center Pineville LA
8 MS-MIC Mississippi Interagency Coordination Center Jackson MS
8 NC-NCC North Carolina Interagency Coordination Center Asheville NC
8 SC-SCC South Carolina Interagency Coordination Center New Ellenton SC
8 TN-TNC Tennessee Interagency Coordination Center Cleveland TN
8 TX-TIC Texas Interagency Coordination Center Lufkin TX
8 VA-VIC Virginia Interagency Coordination Center Charlottesville VA

Eastern Region (EACC)

Region Unit Identifier Center Name City State
9 IL-ILC Illinois Interagency Dispatch Center Murphysboro IL
9 IN-IIC Indiana Interagency Coordination Center Tell City IN
9 MI-MIDC Michigan Interagency Dispatch Center Cadillac MI
9 PA-MACC Mid-Atlantic Interagency Coordination Center (combined: Ohio, Central Appalachian & Allegheny Dispatch Centers) Harrisburg VA
9 MN-MNCC Minnesota Interagency Coordination Center Grand Rapids MN
9 MO-MOC Missouri Iowa Interagency Coordination Center Rolla MO
9 NH-NEC Northeastern Interagency Coordination Center Campton NH
9 WI-EACC* Eastern Area Coordination Center Milwaukee WI
9 WI-WIC Wisconsin Interagency Coordination Center Woodruff WI
*This center is a Geographic Area Coordination Center (GACC).

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