Equip Stnds, MOH, Inspections, & Misc Attachments

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Equip Stnds, MOH, Inspections, & Misc Attachments

Method of Hire

National standard methods of hire have been developed for equipment commonly used in supporting incidents, to provide consistency throughout the Forest Service (e.g. payment methods, operated/unoperated).

Equipment Standards

National equipment standards and typing are identified in the National Solicitation Templates to provide consistency in the acquisition methodology, methods of hire, and equipment typing and standards throughout the Forest Service. The templates have been approved by Washington Office Fire and Aviation Management (FAM) and Acquisition Management (AQM) incorporating input from Contracting Officers, Equipment Specialists, field personnel and the vendor community.

National Solicitation Templates and current modifications are posted at:

Incident Inspection Checklists

Equipment Checklists

These checklists are used to inspect VIPR equipment upon arrival of an incident. The checklists ensure resources are in compliance of specific VIPR agreement requirements prior to performing work on the incident. The checklists are not inclusive of all VIPR agreement requirements. For a complete list of requirements, select the VIPR Preseason Agreements to search for an awarded agreement or the Solicitations link to find a VIPR agreement template.

Equipment Exhibit M Inspection Forms

Standard equipment inspection forms have been developed for the Water Handling and Heavy Equipment with Water solicitations to provide consistency. These forms may be used when either Pre-award or Post-award inspections are performed to validate attributes that affect a vendor’s position on the Dispatch Priority List.

Other Attachments

IBPA Contractor Performance Rating (Exhibit E)

Vendors are required to receive a performance evaluation prior to demobilization from an incident. Incident support personnel will transmit the performance evaluation to the Contracting Officer by emailing to or uploading directly to the following Pinyon Box location:

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