Volunteering At Mount Evans

Woodsy Owl and Forest Service volunteer waving

Position Summary

Mount Evans volunteers help provide visitor services at the three main developed sites, which include Mount Goliath Natural Area, Summit Lake Park and The Summit of Mount Evans.  Volunteers welcome visitors and provide informal and formal interpretation.

Time Commitment

Volunteers must commit to a minimum of eight hours of volunteer service each month (Two 4-hour or one 8-hour shifts) from mid-June to Labor Day.


  • Mandatory mountain safety and other Forest Service procedures.
  • Speaker Day – experts and partners talk about related Mount Evans topics, such as geology, weather, natural/cultural history, and agency information.
  • On-site training to observe (shadow) other volunteers and Forest Service interpreters.

Qualifications Needed

  • Knowledge of and/or interest in wildflowers, botany, geology, wildlife, Colorado history and the Mount Evans Recreation Area.
    • Ability to learn and interpret the natural and cultural history of the Mount Evans Recreation Area.
    • Able to meet physical demands of working from 11,500 – 14,000 feet.
    • Able to stand for four hours at a time.
    • Prepared for weather extremes on the mountain. Unless the road is closed or safety is compromised, shifts will go on as scheduled.
    • Complete required training.
    • Complete a USFS volunteer agreement and application.


  • Training and education about the Mount Evans area.
  • Opportunity to become a Certified Interpretive Guide by the National Association for Interpretation after one season of volunteer service.
  • Invitation to volunteer recognition events.
  • Enjoyment from interpreting to a varied audience.
  • Opportunities to meet people with similar interests.
  • A special volunteer pass will be provided to cover recreation fees during the volunteer’s shift only and there is the opportunity to work off a Mount Evans season pass by volunteering 40 hours
  • Opportunity to spend time outdoors in a beautiful environment while interacting with visitors and continuously learning about the natural world.

For more information about the volunteer program, email or call Nicole Richardson at 303-567-3016.