Forest Orders

*Note: Other State & Federal Laws May Apply to Federal Lands

Title 36:  Parks, Forests, and Public Property


Regional Forest Orders

RF Order No. 1

RF Order No. 2
Spark Arrester

RF Order No. 3
1 hour fire watch


Prohibiting Fireworks


Prohibiting Explosive Targets


Prohibiting Drugs & Alcohol


Regional Traffic Safety Order


Mt. Hood Wildfire Forest Orders



MH-2011-4  Link to map

Barlow Ranger District–Sportsman’s Park Wildland Urban Interface Zone Fire & Camping Closure


Updated Closure Order and Map for the Rim Fire on the Barlow Ranger District. Closure area includes recreational facilities, trails and roads in the the closure area for public and firefigher safety. This order reduces the size of the closure area.

Updated (11/27/18) Hood River Ranger District Eagle Creek Fire Area Closure includes the following roads, trails and areas:

  • North of the western Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness Boundary up to Wahtum Lake.
  • West of Wahtum Lake.
  • North of Rainy Wahtum Trail #409.
  • West of Mt. Defiance Trail #413.
  • South of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Boundary.

Opened/Closed Recreation Sites

Mt. Hood NF/Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Combined Fire Closure Map

Note: These maps are large files and may take some time to load. These maps are for public information purposes only. The map that is attached to the Order is the official map.








Opens most of the areas closed by the 36 Pit Fire area closure.





Camping Forest Orders

Camping & Campfires - Salmon River

Temporarily prohibiting camping and campfires in the Salmon River corridor is necessary to promote and provide for natural resource conditions necessary to encourage and promote vegetation restoration and to provide for a functioning riparian ecosystem along the river.  Excessive dispersed camping and campfires along the river banks and stream channels has resulted in a significant loss of riparian vegetation in the late-successional forests along the Salmon River.  These impacts include loss of shade, an increase in stream temperature, increased sedimentation of streams, and excess nutrients and E. coli bacteria from fecal matter all in designated critical habitat for Chinook salmon, Coho, and winter steelhead, which are listed threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Dispersed camping is an activity that is allowed in many places on the Mt. Hood National Forest.  However, the impacts from dispersed camping and campfires in the Salmon River corridor have also contributed to health and safety concerns relative to the accumulation of garbage and human waste.

During the period of this closure, the area will continue to serve as a recreation site for day use activities such as walking and hiking, fishing, rock climbing, picnicking, and other recreational opportunities.  Picnickers may prepare food using pressurized liquid or gas fuel stoves, and camping and campfires will continue to be permitted in the developed campground within this corridor, Green Canyon Campground.  This Order will be in effect for two years starting May 1, 2017, and ending on April 30, 2019.

Camping - Clackamas River

Camping - Length of stay

Camping - Parking, Public Nudity, etc.

Camping, firearms, OHV - Camas Prairie

Violating camping or campfire restrictions


Camping is only allowed at designated campgrounds and dispersed campsites that are specifically marked with signage at Timothy Lake.


Motorized Vehicle Use Forest Orders

Motorized vehicles - Gordon Creek Watershed

Motorized vehilces - Class I, II, III ATV

Motorized vehicles - Clear Lake

Motorized vehicles - snow route closures

Motorized vehicles - Road 4320




Target Shooting Forest Orders

Camping, firearms, OHV - Camas Prairie


Shooting - Clear Lake

Shooting - Wildcat Mountain

Shooting, OHV use - Old Maid Flat


Shooting - Exploding Targets



Shooting - This Order institutes new regulations and clarifies existing regulations governing target shooting on the Mt Hood National Forest in one document designed to better communicate safe and sustainable practices which mirror those implemented by other public land management agencies in Oregon.  The order codifies into law target shooting best practices to prevent resource damage, increase safety, and reduce impacts overall.

While the existing general rules regarding recreational shooting remain in effect, the new regulations are specific and will require shooting enthusiasts to undertake their activity in a way that respects natural resources, promotes safety for all forest visitors, and makes popular shooting locations more enjoyable places to visit.


Prohibition of target shooting near Timothy Lake recreation sites


Closes Laurel Hill and Tamarack quarry areas for road improvements related to the Mt. Hood Highway 26 Safety project. No access or target shooting will be permitted during the project.


Drugs/Alcohol Forest Orders

Alcohol - Bagby Springs



Wilderness & Other Special Land Designations Forest Orders

175 Inter Forest - (DES/MTH/WIL)
Mount Jefferson Wilderness


The Dalles Watershed Special Closure

Wilderness - Salmon Huckleberry, Hatfield


MH-2007-1 - Exhibit A
Bull Run Watershed

Weed free hay

88-4 Inter Region
Bicycles on PCT

MH-2011-6  Link to map

Threatened or Endangered species protection restricted access


Bull Run Watershed restricted access.



Road & Trail Closures

Violating trail or road closures

All National Forest System Lands within 1/4 mile of the high water mark of Laurance Lake and all methods of travel along National Forest System Road 2840 (Laurance Lake Road) on the Hood River Ranger District are closed until October 31, 2018, or until rescinded.