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What are Industrial Fire Precation Levels IFPLs?

What are Fire Danger Levels?


Okanogan-Wenatchee IFPL Zone Map

On the Okanogan-Wenatchee Forest, zones divide the forest into geographical regions where there are differences in elevation, vegetation, and weather patterns that influence the level of fire danger present at any given time during fire season.

Zone 675- This zone encompasses mainly lower elevation lands and is bounded on the east by the Columbia River. Its western boundary runs south from the Wenatchee Forest and Okanogan Forest boundaries through the Yakama Indian Reservation to the Klickitat County line, approximately through the center of the Wenatchee National Forest and Yakama Indian Reservation.

Zone 678- This zone lies north and east of Zone 684 and abuts the Okanogan River at Malott.

Zone 680- This zone includes upper elevation areas of the Forest and is bounded on the west by the Cascade Crest and on the east by Zone 675.

Zone 684- This zone covers those lower elevation, valley bottom lands within the Okanogan and Methow Valley river drainages, encompassing mostly state, private, and reservation lands. This zone is bounded on the north by the Canadian border and makes a wide sweep down the Okanogan River Valley south to Pateros. The western border roughly follows the Similkameen River to the eastern shore of Palmer Lake and south to Loomis, following roads #9425, #4371, and #9410. It roughly continues south between Brown and Green Lakes and Pogue Mountain along the #9213 road, past the town of Malott. At this point it hooks around at Swamp Creek to sweep north up the Methow Valley to the Chewuch River and Ramsey Creeks. The eastern border starts at the Canadian border between Ninemile Creek and Sidley Lake , wraps around the west side of Mount Hull around to Havilla and South to Bonaparte and Bannon Creeks. It continues south to Talkire Lake following road #3803, to Tunk Creek, encompassing the towns of Riverside and Omak, and a portion of the Colville Indian Reservation. The north bank of the Columbia River borders Zone 684 on the South, and roughly follows the Methow River north to just north of Patterson Lake and Lewis Butte.


Personal Use Firewood IFPL Cutting Restrictions

Personal-use woodcutting permit holders for the Okanogan and Wenatchee Forests should check with the local ranger station to obtain the current IFPL for their chosen woodcutting site before heading to the Forest. Ranger district personnel can determine which zone applies to the woodcutting location. If you know which zone you cut firewood in you can get the current IFPL by calling 1-800-527-3305 or online at:

Woodcutters are also reminded to carefully read and adhere to the conditions of their personal-use woodcutting permit, and to pay special attention to the fire safety equipment requirements.

Woodcutters and recreationists are encouraged to stay in contact with Forest Service offices as the summer fire season progresses in order to obtain current information on fire danger and any restrictions on activities that may be in effect.