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Wenatchee River Ranger District Road Conditions:

Roads on the Wenatchee River Ranger District are now starting melting out.  Many roads still have snow and downed trees blocking them, especially in the higher elevations and western portions of the Ranger District.  Attempting to drive through snow patches is not recommended and can result in being stuck in areas without cell coverage and little to no traffic.  

Road Name and Number Condition  
Beehive Rd 9712 OPEN. not passable for passenger vehicles approx. 2 miles beyond Upper Devils Gulch TH
Chiwawa River Rd 

 Road is open to the end of road (Phelps T.H. and Trinity) Gate is open.  June 22 2021

Due to road repair there will be traffic delays of up to 15 minutes at mile post 16.6 and mile post 17.4, August 30 to Sept. 10

Chikamin Creek Rd

Road open 07/22/2021  

Road will also be closed at milepost 4.6 for repair Sept. 14 to Sept. 24.

Phelps Creek Road
 Open 7/22/2021.  Road is very rough and not suitable for low clearance vehicles. 
Meadow Creek Rd
Snow free
Butcher Creek Rd

 Snow free

White River Rd 

Snow free to White River Falls Campground (Campground closed until futher notice due to hazard trees.). 5/26/2021

Little Wenatchee Rd

Road is open to the end. 6/28/2021

Poe Mtn Road #6504 is open 6/22/2021

Rainy Creek Road #6700 to Lake Minotaur Trailhead is open from Little Wenatchee side of Rainy Pass

Smithbrook / Rainy Creek Rd

7/14/21    Smithbrook Road (Hwy 2 to Little Wenatchee Road) has been cleared of downed trees and is now open.

Photo 1 of avalanche debris on road
Photo 2 of avalanche debris on road

Mission Creek Rd
Road is open PeaVine and no further due to washout. 5/27/2021
Number Two Canyon Rd 7101 Gate is open May 15 2021
Tip Top Rd
Closed due to washout.
Scotty Creek Rd
 Snow free
Van Creek Rd 
Snow free
Icicle Road 
 Road is clear to the end. The bridge at French Creek trail is washed out  about 1.5 miles from the Icicle Creek TH just prior to the junction with the French Creek Trail. The washout affects both trails beyond this point. May 12 2021
Eightmile Rd

 Gate to road 7601 is now open. 5/20/2021

Derby Canyon
7400 - 7401
 Snow free
Tronsen Meadow

CLOSED to provide for winter recreation.

Hatchery Creek
 Expect winter conditions.

Please do not park vehicles in front of any gates whether they are open or closed!


Annual Number Two Canyon Area Closure Reminder

The Wenatchee River Ranger District of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest will implement its seasonal road and area closure for the Number Two Canyon area beginning December 1, 2019.  The goal of this closure is to manage deer winter range to sustain healthy populations of mule deer and elk. 

The seasonal closure within the Number Two Canyon Project Area is for all recreational use from December 1 to April 15 annually, including cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, and mountain biking to avoid distress to animals during this critical period. 

There are two exceptions to this closure:  Forest Service Road 7101 will remain open to snowmobiles and non-motorized recreational use on the road prism from Number Two Canyon over to Mission Creek during the closure period, and FS Road 7101-500 will be open to non-motorized recreational use from December 1 to January 31 annually as this is the period of deepest snow depth and deer migrate to lower elevations during this period. 

This closure period may be extended prior to December 1 or later than April 15 annually in consultation with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, if wintering deer are still present, or if roads are still wet and could be damaged by vehicle use.