Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I need a pass to recreate and how do I get one?

It depends on what you plan to do and where you want to go. Generally, passes are required at sites that offer picnic tables, restrooms, signs or other amenities. Passes are generally not required at remote or undeveloped sites such as wilderness trailheads or for dispersed camping off Forest Service logging roads.

Required passes and fees are listed for each site in the Recreation Section. We sell passes at any of our Forest offices. Many day use sites have on-site fee tubes or ticket machines. You can also purchase passes at some local businesses or online.

See our Recreation Passes & Permits section for details on what passes are needed and where to get them, including options for weekly or annual passes. You can also check with your local Forest Service office to find out more.

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If I lose my pass, can I get a replacement?

No, you would need to purchase another one.

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How do I get a camping space and how long can I stay?

Some campgrounds are first come, first served and some take reservations. You can make reservations online at or phone 877.444.6777.  Campgrounds fill up quickly from May - October and on holiday weekends. Camping in developed campgrounds is limited to no more than 14 days during any 30 consecutive day period. Camping outside of developed campgrounds (dispersed camping) is limited to 14 days during any 60 consecutive day period.

Our Camping & Cabins page has general information about both developed and undeveloped camping on the Siuslaw National Forest. From that page, you can follow links to individual campground descriptions with details including which ones take reservations. You will find additional developed campgrounds under OHV Riding & Camping and under Horse Riding & Camping.

Some campgrounds are especially designed for Off Highway Vehicle use. OHV Sand Camping is also allowed in some OHV riding areas. Check our OHV Section for details about these sites and areas.

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Can I camp on the beach?

Camping on the beach is regulated by the State of Oregon. For details, see Oregon State Beach Rules:

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Can I camp on the sand dunes?

Sand camping is allowed on certain Siuslaw National Forest lands. Different regulations apply to areas open to motorized use and areas closed to motorized use on the Forest. 

  • For areas open to motorized use, see the OHV Sand Camping section under OHV Riding & Camping.
  • For areas closed to motorized use, camping is allowed in most areas within certain guidelines. See our Dispersed Camping page for more about camping outside of developed campgrounds, including areas that are off limits.
  • Please follow good dispersed camping and Leave No Trace practices.

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Can I have a wedding, family reunion or special event?

Yes, but depending on the size of your group and what you are planning, you may need a Special Use Permit. For details and application information, see our Special Events page in the Special Use Permit section.

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Can I have a fire on the beach?

Rules about fires on the beach are established by the State of Oregon.

  1. Small recreational beach fires in the ocean shore recreation area are allowed provided they are located in the open dry sands area, downwind of and below beachgrass and the driftwood line; no fires are allowed in dunes or beach log accumulations.
  2. No fire shall be placed in driftwood, left unattended or be permitted to cause damage to facilities or natural resources. Every fire shall be extinguished before its users leave the area.
  3. No fire shall be permitted within 25 feet of a seawall that is constructed of wood or other combustible material.
  4. At the discretion of a park manager, fires normally permitted in the ocean shore recreation area may be restricted or prohibited due to high fire hazard conditions.

Oregon State Beach Rules: Follow the link from Division 21:General Ocean Shore State Recreation Area Rules

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Can I collect driftwood on the beach?

Driftwood collection is regulated by the State of Oregon.

State Park Beaches
The taking of driftwood in small amounts by visitors for souvenirs, for personal use or as gifts is permitted. The removal of large amounts of driftwood, or any wood with mechanized loading equipment, shall be prohibited except as approved by the park manager. Chainsaws must be approved by the park manager. No wood shall be removed which is imbedded in the beach or in sand dune banks.

Non-State Park Beaches
Driftwood removal for firewood and/or ornamental purposes shall be for personal use and restricted to wood which can be loaded by hand only. No mechanzied loading and/or removal equipment shall be permitted. Removal of firewood and/or ornamental wood may be restricted to individual beach areas, quantities of wood, and time of year. Power saws may be restricted in certain beach areas. Periodic moratoriums on the issuance of vehicle permits and quantity limits on firewood gathering may be established for sections of beach where the driftwood supply has been depleted due to human removal activity or by act of God. No wood embedded in the beach or in sand dune banks shall be removed. Upland property owner wishes will be respected when considering vehicle permits for wood gathering. Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of the State Parks Director.

Oregon State Beach Rules: Follow the link from Division 26: Beach Log And Driftwood Removal Policy

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Where can I ride my OHV?

Sand Dune Riding:
You can ride in designated areas in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and in the Sand Lake Recreation Area. Check our Motor Vehicle Use Maps to see areas open to cross country travel. Also check out our OHV section for information where you can ride, rules for riding, campgrounds and staging areas and more.

Forest Riding:
Check our Motor Vehicle Use Maps to what roads and trails inthe forest are open to OHV travel. Also, in summer, be sure to check our Fire Page for public use restrictions before heading into the woods with your OHV.

In all cases, the State of Oregon establishes and administers OHV permits and regulations. You can find more information on the Oregon State Parks website( or by calling Oregon Parks and Recreation Department information center at 1.800.551.6949.

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Where can I mountain bike?

You can ride on any Forest Service roads and on designated mountain bike trails.

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Can I bring my dog?

Yes, dogs are allowed within these guidelines:

  • In developed sites such as campgrounds and picnic areas, dogs must always be restrained or on a leash no more than 6 feet long.
  • Dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet in the following areas:
    • Cape Perpetua Scenic Area
    • Marys Peak Scenic Botanical Area.
  • Some beach areas are closed to dogs to protect nesting Western Snowy Plovers from March 15 – September 15. These areas are posted. Click here for details about the restricted areas, including maps of dog friendly beaches. 
  • Clean up dog waste.
  • Leave aggressive or unusually noisy dogs at home.
  • For the safety of others and your dog, we recommend keeping your dog on a leash wherever you're hiking.
  • Remember to bring extra water, first aid supplies, and an ID tag for your dog.

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Where is a good place to swim?

The Siuslaw National Forest does not have any designated swimming areas.

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Where is a good place to fish or crab?

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife manages and regulates fishing and shellfish gathering. Information is available from the Fishing Resources section of their website (

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Can I hunt on the Siuslaw National Forest?

Yes, hunting is allowed on the Forest. All hunting is managed and regulated by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Some areas of the Forest have special regulations, so be sure to check for current regulations before heading out. Find complete information from the Hunting Resources section of the ODFW website ( Please hunt safely and be sure of your target. Remember, you are sharing the woods with other people working and recreating close by.

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Can I target shoot on the Siuslaw National Forest?

Yes, within these guidelines:

It is prohibited to discharge a firearm or any other implement capable of taking human life, causing injury, or damaging property as follows:

  1. In or within 150 yards of a residence, building, campsite, developed recreation site or occupied area
  2. Across or on a Forest road or an adjacent body of water, or in any manner or place where any person or property is exposed to injury or damage from shooting
  3. Into or within any cave.
  4. Within Forest areas with special closures that prohibit shooting.

These include Marys Peak, Woods Creek, and the Corvallis Watershed. Exemptions are for people with a valid hunting license in lawful pursuit of game birds and mammals during established hunting seasons. See "Can I hunt on the Siuslaw National Forest " for details.]

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What if I see a black bear or cougar when I'm in the woods?

This is black bear and cougar country. Check out the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's information on Living with Black Bears and Living with Cougars from our Staying Safe page.

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What do I do with beach debris?

Information & FAQs about beach debris, including debris drop off stations in Oregon. 


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Can I gather forest products (for example, mushrooms, rocks, greenery, firewood)?

Most forest products require a permit and some have a fee. Find out what you can gather and what is required from our Special Forest Products section.

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Can I get a burn permit at a Forest Service office?

No, Oregon Department of Forestry or the local fire department handle all burning permits.

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How do I apply to work for the Forest Service or other Federal Government jobs?

All permanent federal jobs, including USDA Forest Service jobs, are posted in USAJOBS ( Additional information about working for the Forest Service is available from the national Forest Service website. Temporary positions on the Siuslaw NF are posted on our Employment page. Many of these are also posted on USAJOBS (

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How do you pronounce Siuslaw?

Sigh - YEW - slaw

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