Sound & Noise Limits for Off Highway Vehicles at the Oregon Dunes

Less Sound = More Ground

Sound is a huge issue at the Oregon Dunes. If you exceed the limit, you could get a citation. More importantly, sound violations could lead to more closures. Know the sound limits, obey them, and keep riding!

The Tests

We conduct sound tests using decibel meters and tachometers. Using the model and year, we look up the RPM at which to test your OHV using the Motorcycle Industry Council’s Stationary Sound Test Manual for Off-Highway Motorcycles and ATVs. The tachometer is set, and the decibel meter is read when it hits the correct RPM. The decibel meter is held 20 inches away from the exhaust output, and at a 45 degree angle.

How do I find out if I'm legal?

If you’d like to find out the decibel level of your machine, the Oregon Dunes crew offers complimentary sound tests. Simply flag us down, or call the Oregon Dunes Visitor Center at 541-271-6000 to schedule an appointment. If you are too loud, you are at risk of getting a citation, so know before you go!

Exhaust Sound Tests ~ 2018

REMEMBER:  The sound limit for the Oregon Dunes NRA is 93 dB.

Bar graph showing sound exhaust tests for 2018